days of futures past

‘Days Of Futures Past’ Suggests A Complex X-Men Epic

days of futures past

X-Men: Days Of Futures Past Trailer

After being teased after the end credits of ‘The Wolverine’ the first official trailer for the lastest X-Men sequel ‘Days Of Futures Past’ has been released.  It looks to consist of one of the biggest Hollywood casts we’re ever likely to see, combining the main characters from both eras of the X-Men movies, established by the X-Men Trilogy, and the X-Men First Class crew.

Check out the Days of Futures Past trailer here:



The concept of this film is one that a lot of big name sci-fi type franchises seem to go to.  Most recently we saw it with Star Trek, with the Spock and old Spock dynamic.  Here, we see some form of massive threat, and the only way to overcome it is for the X-Men as we’ve known them, to go back in time and work together with their younger selves.

Of course, we know that the end of X-Men First Class was not exactly a perfect or happy one, and therefore things are not ideal for this type of plan.  It looks like Professor X and Magneto send Logan/Wolverine back to make the initial connections, and from what we can see, young Professor X (James McAvoy) is not exactly in ideal shape.  He is disheveled and depressed, after the events of First Class, and I”m sure this will lead to some great scenes between McAvoy and  Sir Patrick Stewart.

Watching the Days of Futures Past trailer I got an immediate sense of the massive scale of what this film might be looking to do.  I get the feeling that they are looking to craft an epic film here.  The previous X-Men universe films have been really good for the most part, but I think that director Bryan Singer is looking to create the ‘Dark Knight’ of the X-Men world.

All I can say is that I hope they pull it off.

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