Will Smith Ready To Join New Movie: ‘Focus’

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Will Smith is almost set to star in a new movie, named ‘Focus.’  The film is a Warner Bros production, and will be directed by ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa.  This is a promising sign already, as they did a wonderful job with ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love,’ and now the film has even more good news.

A film about a young woman who wants to become a con-woman and her relationship with an older, veteran conman who takes her under his wing.  Previously, the film was slated to star Ben Affleck and Kristen Stewart, but Affleck recently departed so that he could concentrate on his other work.  So in will step Will Smith, and while losing Affleck is bad news, adding Will Smith is always a positive.  The thing is, this has led to an even more positive note, as Stewart has decided her and Smith will not be a good match, and will be leaving the project as well.  Looks like the team just saved themselves from a terrible casting decision if you ask me.  Quite frankly, I think Kristen Stewart is a horrifyingly bad actress, but that’s just my opinion.

So who will be in line to take Stewart’s place is still up in the air, but if I had to throw out a quick shortlist, I would imagine it could include some names like Ellen Page, Anna Kendrick and Jennifer Lawrence.  The name Emma Stone would jump to mind, but apparently the original plan was the include her and Ryan Gosling but neither were interested.  The film does involve a romantic subplot between the young woman and the older Smith, so it is important to find a pairing that works.

Smith hasn’t spent much time on the screen lately with his last film, ‘Men In Black 3’ being his first in four years.  He is slated to star in ‘After Earth’ as well as a host of sequels to previous films, so combine that with the news of this new movie and it looks like he may be jumping back into the acting scene, full steam ahead.

Good news for all of us.


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