Neill Blomkamp Alien
From Neill Blomkamp's Instagram feed.

Will Neill Blomkamp’s New Alien Movie Involve Time Travel?

So Neill Blomkamp has announced a new Alien film, and we think that there may be clues pointing towards yet another bit of franchise rejuvenating time travel trickery.  Let me explain.

Earlier on Wednesday, Neill Blomkamp dropped the confirmation on his Instagram account that he will directing the next film in the Alien franchise.  It has been a long time coming, and is actually quite unexpected considering the Prometheus franchise is still awaiting Ridley Scott’s upcoming sequel.  Either way, Blomkamp had been teasing us with posts and concept art for quite some time, so the news isn’t that much of a surprise in terms of who is directing.  The surprises are more in the details, including the rumors that he wants Sigourney Weaver to be involved.  Combine that with the fact that it’s been declared that this new film will be set after the events of Prometheus 2 and you’ve got an interesting conundrum.

Prometheus is of course an origin story of sorts.  So assuming Prometheus 2 is a direct sequel, then ‘after the events of Prometheus 2’ would still mean, before the events of the original Alien film.  So, if that’s true, how would Weaver play a part?  Her first encounter with the Alien(s) came in that film series so any involvement here just wouldn’t make sense.  Unless…….

We’ve seen time travel be used to get a new franchise started up again.  Terminator Genisys is trying it.  X-Men Days of Futures Past did it.  It’s worked in some cases.  Perhaps we’ll see some form of Ripley transported back in time.  I say ‘some form’ because of the crazy concept art involving Ripley in some kind of Alien suit (see the art below).

Another potential scenario could involve some kind of wormhole type of travel, like we saw in Interstellar?

Of course, there’s always the possibility that by ‘after the events of Prometheus 2’ they meant at some point in time that they aren’t sure of, but could therefore fall at any point during the already existing Alien series.  This is actually the most likely, but I wouldn’t rule out the scenarios we’ve suggested above.

blomkamp alien
Some concept art from Blomkamp’s Instagram account.


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