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The Hangover Part 3 Review: How Far Can They Take It?

The Hangover Part 3 Review

If you skim through Movie Melt’s Reviews section, you will see that I’ve checked out a lot of great flicks lately. The only problem with that is when you see a bad movie after so many good ones, you realize how bad it really is. ‘The Hangover Part 3’ is a lot of things, but none of those things are funny or good.


Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), and Alan (Zach Galifianakis) aka. The Wolf Pack embarks on another mission, this time to find Mr. Chow. Chow owes some gangsters a lot of money. So the gangsters figure if anyone can track down the elusive Leslie Chow, it’s the Wolf Pack.


The whole time watching this film I was thinking “Man I wish I was Doug (Justin Bartha), because he is never around during the Wolf Pack’s shenanigans.” Seriously, I would have rather been kidnapped by John Goodman than sit though the painful two hours of this movie.

There is a reason they didn’t make ‘Wedding Crashers’ 2 and there is reason a lot of people are skeptical about ‘Anchorman’ 2. Sometimes sequels don’t work. This is one of those times. Sequels especially don’t work when the charm of your first movie is a unique type of storytelling, like recalling an amnesic night of raging drunkenness. When it is done for the second time, it loses the originality that made it great. And when then hell, did everyone decide all movies need to be trilogies? I guess two movies doesn’t make a franchise and four movies means way too much of a commitment. So, every series needs to be a trilogy.

I’m legitimately pissed off writing this review. ‘The Hangover’ was funny. A comedic classic that is sure to be quoted by every douche to ever join a fraternity. So let it be. The only thing the second and third movie of this franchise did, was diminish the greatness of the first.

I laughed one time during this movie. There was only one part where I literally felt like I needed to laugh in order to keep from crying that I wasted my money. The character of Alan was funny in the first movie. Now he is just annoying. I felt like Zach Galifianakis was just being himself/a stupid dick/himself the entire time and it just wasn’t funny. Don’t even get me started on Chow.

This movie is going to make a good amount of money. But, I guarantee everyone who leaves the theater will be disappointed. If you aren’t disappointed then you are lying to yourself.

Thank God this franchise is over. Too bad it ended with a whimper instead of a bang.


If you are going to make a movie this bad, at least fill it with tons of nudity. This one didn’t. I have been to doctor’s appointments that were funnier. This movie was painfully bad. It was not funny at all. I want my money back, as I’m sure many other movie goers probably do.

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Movie Melt Score - 1.5


An awful, awful film. The mighty have fallen since the original Hangover, as is often the case with comedy trilogies.

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