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Star Trek: Into Darkness Review: J.J. Abrams Does It Again

‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ Review 

This ain’t your Daddy’s ‘Star Trek’, but you should already have known that by now. If not, get off your lazy ass and see the 2009 reboot. This rejuvenated franchise gives hope to all those fluent in Klingon, but still have a V-card. Or last leave gave hope, until Star Wars came and rack-jacked the savior of the franchise, Mr. J.J. Abrams. Enjoy it while it lasts.


Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew find themselves on a militarized mission to capture the fugitive John Harrison. Unfortunately for the Enterprise, Harrison is hiding out on the hostile Klingon planet. Before long, Kirk learns that John Harrison is very unlike anyone he has ever come across. Now, he must determine if John is friend or foe, while trying to avoid interstellar war with the Klingons.


Like I said earlier, if you don’t know that ‘Star Trek’ is cool again, then you are late to the party. This movie has everything – cast, story, twists, tension, action, sex, and spaceships. Seriously, this movie could teach an intro to screenwriting class with this script. It is filled with twists, turns, a great payoff, and it might even tug on your heartstrings (I definitely didn’t cry twice, so don’t ask).

First off, Zachary Quinto is a better Spock than he is Zachary Quinto. Benedict Cumberbatch is awesomely cold as baddie John Harrison. I know his name makes him sound like he should be a character on ‘Downton Abbey’ but this dude was creepy. Everyone else was great, even though Simon Pegg is really beginning to show some age. The new addition of Alice Eve was glorious; especially because she strips down to her undies it what I like to call my favorite scene.

This film was just great entertainment as a whole. It truly had everything and is equal to or even superior to the reboot from four years prior. It’s a shame that Mr. Abrams is leaving to take over the ‘Star Wars’ franchise because he has really done something special with ‘Star Trek’.

‘Into Darkness’ is the type of movie that makes fanboys wet their pants, yet is still completely entraining to anyone with no knowledge of the series whatsoever. It more of an action movie than a sci-fi movie in the same way ‘Iron Man’ is more than just a comic book movie. These movies transcend the limitations of all previous ‘Star Trek’ movies.

The only minor critique I have is the predictability of one certain situation. While there are a lot of twists and turns there is one major plot point that is so predictable, John Madden could have pointed it out. Aside from that, this film makes for a great start to the summer blockbuster season.


It was an awesome movie, with awesome everything. Its truly amazing how far the visual effects have come in just four short years since it predecessor. The stylistic wide-shots/quick pull-ins give a unique documentary look that make the audience believe this is really happening. An awesome cast, some great (but quick) PG-13 T&A, a very emotional climax, and some bad-ass looking Klingon make this thing a Trekkie’s wet dream.

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Movie Melt Score - 9


Everything Star Trek fans could have hoped for, Benedict Cumberbatch's Kahn is an incredibly addition, and the dark nature of this sequel really ramps things up a notch. JJ Abrams does it again.

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  1. Alice Eve in her underwear was a nice scene… But the rest of the movie was pretty predictable. I mean, come on… Kirk in the radiation flooded room, with Spock on the other side of the window… REPEAT OF ANOTHER MOVIE!

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