disconnect movie review

‘Disconnect’ Review

‘Disconnect Movie Review’

The ensemble drama is way over done these days. Each character has a story of their own, but each character is also loosely connected to one another.  When it is done poorly, the audience loses interest. There is no room for a shaky script when there are a handful of characters to follow. However, when it is done well, it is truly something special. ‘Disconnect’ is my favorite of the genre in the last couple of years.


A group of people struggle with the technology that drives our lifestyles. A teenager deals with severe cyber bullying. An unsteady couple struggles with on-line identity theft. A reporter believes an underage chatroom story will be the big break in her career. Each of them deal with the problems that come hand in hand with the advantages of modern technology.


This movie is scary and powerful. Its not horror scary, its paranoia scary. It will make you think twice the next time you are surfing the web. Everyone is vulnerable and all of our information is always at risk. Right now, as I am typing, as you are reading, someone could be hacking into our information.

I applaud this movie for not shying away from some the of the serious problems that come along with technology, especially cyber bullying. In fact, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make middle school and high school kids watch this film to understand the power of the Internet. Sexting. Facebook. Catfishing. These can all be incredibly dangerous. Kids today don’t understand that once you hit post or send, there is no getting it back. Those photos, those posts, are out there for good and could fall into the hands of anyone.

This film is really something special. It’s a rollercoaster that builds tension and suspense the way a movie should. It’s hard to make the audience emotionally invest in one story, let alone multiple stories. Yet, ‘Disconnect’ somehow does it and it does it well.

The acting was fantastic. There were so many great performances it wouldn’t even be fair to name one and not another. So, just assume that if an actor/actress was in this movie they were great.

One of the interesting techniques used by ‘Disconnect’ was displaying text on the screen. This works great for any texting or facebook chatting that happens throughout the film. It allows for dramatic silence where the audience sees the conversation happening, instead of hearing. This creates suspense because the audience begins to anticipate what will be typed next. It really experiments with tense conversational matter communicated in a very impersonal way. People react differently when they receive heavy news alone. This allows the actors to display emotions they would never show when communicating face to face.

However, the true triumph of the film is the way that it depicts complex relationships. This movie has the best portrayal of real love that I have seen in a long time. No fairy tales. No happily ever after. It shows how an estranged family can come together despite anti-social teens and work obsessed parents. It shows how a couple struggling to communicate can rediscover excitement even after tragedy. These are examples that many families can learn from. There are ways to overcome adversity without disconnecting.


This movie is a force. It’s bold, but it needs to be bold to deliver the message. At one point or another while watching, I was excited, pissed off, saddened, nervous, and pretty much any other emotion that can be felt. Henry Alex Rubin directs with passion and I’m excited to follow his career. ‘Disconnect’ is one of the better films of the year.

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Movie Melt Score - 8.5


A strong and socially relevant film that is hard hitting and suspenseful. It's a little heavy handed at times, but it is done well enough to get away with it quite frankly.

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