Veteran Actors Vs. Nazis In The Monuments Men

There have been countless films about World War II, both fictional and non-fictional, from ‘The Dirty Dozen’ to ‘Saving Private Ryan.’  There have even been some more non-traditional takes on the subject of our battles with Hitler, such as Quentin Tarantino’s popular ‘Inglorious Basterds.’  So of course it can be difficult to come to the subject with a fresh take.  However, George Clooney steps into the directors chair, as well as starring, for a new film about a group of historians and museum men, who unite to rescue classic pieces of art from the clutches of Hitler and Nazi Germany.

Check out the trailer:



The film boasts a wonderful cast, with Clooney and Matt Damon taking the lead, and support from veteran comedic actors such as John Goodman and Bill Murray adding some charm.  There are other strong faces such as Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville and The Artist’s Jean Dujardin in the mix as well, all topped off by the presence of the wonderful Cate Blanchett.  With the cast in place, it is clear that the film will be at least part comedy, but the trailer suggests it will be more than that.  A strong script is likely present, and I anticipate a highly entertaining, heartfelt and surprisingly inspiring film.

What is most interesting is that it is certainly a strange topic that hasn’t been touched to my knowledge on a grand scale, and should bring a fresh take to the story of our battle against Hitler.  I can see a strange mix between Inglorious Basterds, Saving Private Ryan and classic British Television series Dad’s Army being the vibe here.  While the thought of ‘art’ being the premise behind it can make you wonder how serious we will want to take the proceedings, when you consider how important historical art and literature is to modern culture and our understanding of life before us, the battle the film describes takes on a little more meaning.

The film is slated for December of 2013!

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