“Trance” Red Band Trailer

I’m a little late to the dance with this one, but please check out the red band trailer for Danny Boyle’s newest movie, Trance.  If you’re a fan of Danny Boyle you’ll know that doesn’t shy away from much (See Trainspotting, 28 Days Later, 127 Hours), and he certainly knows how to make a movie, winning an Oscar for Best Picture with Slumdog Millionaire.  Based on his newest trailer it looks like he’s moving in a direction closer to his earlier effort, Trainspotting, in terms of dark, weird and a little disturbing.  The talking, half-head, in the trailer above seems to be evidence enough of that.

If you continue to frequent this blog I’m sure you’ll sense that we have a thing for these kind of dark, mentally challenging, mind benders and Trance looks to be nothing short of wild.  Early comparisons I can make would be to films like The Machinist and Jacob’s Ladder.   If it is anything like the two of these then we’re in for a treat, but we all know that trailers can be misleading, so we will have to see where Boyle takes it.

In terms of the acting, I haven’t seen Rosaria Dawson in anything worth noting lately, but I do think she is a good actress so it’s nice to see her back on the big stage.  James McAvoy is highly underrated in my opinion and I think he will be a perfect fit for a Danny Boyle film.  Boyle loves to cast the young, quirky type of actors in his films, having used the likess of James Franco and Cillian Murphy in the past.  McAvoy fits right into this niche, so hopefully he delivers the goods in Trance.

While on the topic of Danny Boyle movies, just a side note – if you have never seen the film Sunshine I suggest you check it out.  A highly underrated sci-fi thriller that has one of the best climaxes I’ve seen in a movie.  Please let me know what you think of it!

What do you think of the Trance trailer?  Chance to be a hit?  Would love to hear your opinions.


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