Trailer For ‘The Way, Way Back’ Charming and Funny

A favorite at the most recent Sundance Film Festival, this big name indie comedy, written by the same pair of writers who brought us ‘The Descendants’ really caught my eye today.  ‘The Way, Way Back’ is a modern coming of age tale, with a cast who have all proven that they are among the most adept out there at tackling real life themes in a way that is charming and understandable, but also extremely funny.  Check out the trailer here:

Youngster Liam James stars as Duncan, a young man who is struggling to find his way as he navigates his teens, and who clearly has some aspects of his life which are less than ideal.  Steve Carell takes a turn which is a bit of a departure from his usual characters, as he takes on the role of Duncan’s mothers boyfriend, who appears to be quite the douche bag.  Interesting, because in basically every movie he’s been in, he is the poor fella who is getting “douched” upon.  (I hear you screaming, calling me an idiot, since he got famous playing Michael Scott.  But come on, we all loved the guy, douche/idiot or not.  This is different).

The Way, Way BackThe key role seems to be that of Sam Rockwell, who has been on a fantastic roll lately in terms of performances.  However, he hasn’t hit it big in terms of the big money hits, and big Hollywood attention.  I’m not complaining about that, but it would be nice to see the guy get his dues without having to jeopardize his integrity, so hopefully this is the role to do it.  He plays a manager at a water park, who hires young Duncan, and seems to take on a father figure position in the kids life, helping him come of age throughout his teenage turmoil.

‘The Descendants’ was a near perfect blend of real life drama, charm, and comedy, and with the same writers penning this one, as well as directing it, we can expect more of the same.  Then we have the same Fox Searchlight team who put out ‘Juno’ and ‘(500) Days Of Summer,’ which were two of the most critically acclaimed “dramedy” films in recent memory.  So overall, all the evidence suggests that this film could be one to look out for as a big hit when it hits screens.

‘The Way, Way Back’ hits screens in early July.

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