edge of tomorrow trailer tom cruise

Tom Cruise’s Warrior Groundhog Day in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Trailer

edge of tomorrow trailer tom cruise

Tom Cruise has made nothing but blockbusters lately, and is well known for some of his sci-fi films such as Oblivion and Minority Report.  His latest film, Edge Of Tomorrow, is based on a Japanese novel and stars he and Emily Blunt as warriors who continue to repeat the same deadly battle against vicious monsters over and over, each time getting a little closer to victory

The concept is pretty crazy, some kind of cross between Terminator and Groundhog Day with a touch of Source Code sprinkled in.  Cruise stars as a man with no war experience who is thrown into some kind of futuristic battle for mankind and dies within seconds.  However, he continues to wake up at the same time prior to the battle, due to some form of time loop.  He meets a powerful warrior played by Emily Blunt who helps him move closer to success.

The idea is wild, but the visuals look gritty and raw, similar to those in Terminator Salvation or District 9.  There’s nothing pretty or slick about these machines.  Cruise and Blunt bound around in large mechanical body suits of some kind, which move in a clunky, powerful way.  This suggests that the battles will be hard hitting, loud, and brutal, rather than slick and fast.

I don’t know much about the film but I like Cruise and Blunt, and the trailer looks pretty cool.  Check it out here:

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