The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer Released

The first trailer for ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ has been released at the MTV Movie Awards.  Check it out here:

Based on Suzanne Collins young adult novel, ‘The Hunger Games’ was a massive, massive hit in 2012, so the studio wasted little time getting the sequel filmed.  The Catching Fire trailer suggests that this film will be bigger and badder than the previous, which makes sense since the first film has all the build up, but come round two we will be thrown right back into the thick of things.

Jennifer Lawrence is back at Katniss Everdeen of course, and at the moment anything with her name on it is destined to sell massive amounts at the box office.  It doesn’t hurt that this is the follow up to a film which happened to be an extremely well made book to screen adaptation of one of the most popular novels in the last ten years.

Catching Fire Trailer
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

For those who have no ready ‘The Hunger Games’ or seen the film, I was refrain from giving away any other plot details (a crime I have seen many other websites commit this evening), but I will say that a host of characters from the original return in ‘Catching Fire’ and most have seen their acting careers blossom since the first film, which will hopefully just add to their confidence and performances.

‘Catching Fire’ is generally the least favorite of the three novels of most people I’ve asked (I believe Miss Jennifer Lawrence even said so herself in an interview once), but that is not to say that it isn’t still an extremely good story, and there is always the chance that while it may be slightly lesser as a book, it could translate to the screen more effectively than the others.  Having read the trilogy, I can say that I see this film being fantastic.

Let’s hope I’m right.

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