The Biggest Upcoming Movies in 2013 – Our verdicts?

So 2013 has plenty of big blockbuster type movies to look forward to, and while I am a huge fan of indie movies, and some of the lower key stuff, I love a good blockbuster as much as the next movie fan.  So let’s take a look at some of the biggest upcoming movies coming out in the next few months of 2013 or so, and I’m going to give you my verdict on whether these eight big name movies had caught my interest or not.

Iron Man 3

This one is easy for me.  Iron Man was my favorite of the super heroes when I was younger, so I was thrilled when Robert Downey Jr. took on the role of Tony Stark for Iron Man and I knew immediately he was the perfect guy for the role.  He has the perfect blend of charm and narcissism, and is manly enough to be a super hero, but nerdy enough to be a genius.  The rest of the characters are all casted flawlessly, especially Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts.  In my opinion, the Iron Man franchise are the most flawlessly cast super hero movies of them all, and that is a huge key to success. The first two films were fantastic and entertaining in every way, and with Ben Kingsley on as the Mandarin, I don’t see how this could go wrong.  When it comes to upcoming movies, this is the biggest!  Verdict: Absolutely seeing it at the cinema!

Iron Man 3 Movie


After Earth

After Earth MovieWith Will Smith acting alongside his son, in a sci-fi of grand scale, backed with a massive budget, this film is destined to be a Box Office smash and one of the general public’s biggest upcoming movies.  That I’m sure of.  However, what I’m not sure of, is if I want to see it or not.  I absolutely love Will Smith, and anything with him in it is worth a watch.  However, something about this one didn’t catch my eye.  Smith has done some fantastic sci-fi type films, including Men In Black and Independence Day.  Most people would also suggest that i-Robot and I Am Legend were also fantastic, but for whatever reason, I did not take to those films at all.  I think, from my perspective, I see a little of those films in this one, and I may be skeptical as to whether this has the potential to be truly good.  Not to mention the fact that I am not a huge fan of Jaden Smith as a young actor.  My last reason for not being too thrilled about the film, is that I absolutely love the concept, but I envisioned it as a dark, grim type of film but what it seems like M. Night Shyamalan plans to give us is a high special effects, action packed type of adventure.  I’ve seen enough of those.  Verdict: Ehhhh…. might check it out, but probably wait for the DVD.


I’m thinking that part of the reason Another Earth didn’t catch my eye, is the fact that this little number, Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, (and directed by Joseph Kosinski), really did.  They appear to be films in a very similar vein and concept, however the mood I get from this one just appeals to me much more.  I see this being the adult version, while the Smith’s will put out the family friendly effort in their movie.  This film suggests some moral dilemmas, some political sub-messaging and perhaps some twists and turns in plot, to go along with the strong action and special effects.  Tom Cruise tends to do these original, high concept type films pretty well (see Minority Report), so I have high hopes.  Verdict: Yeah, I think I’ll hit the cinema for this one.  At least I’d like to.

Oblivion Movie

Star Trek Into Darkness

So J.J Abrams’ recent Star Trek effort was a huge hit, and I personally was pleasantly surprised by the film, because I didn’t have high hopes, and quite frankly I absolutely loved it.  Everything about it.  So a sequel would always be something I’m interested in.  But the trailer for Into Darkness blew me away!  The first film had plenty of drama, and real action, but it also had a very thick humor and light hearted feel to it.  I’m sure this one will have some of that also, but the trailer I see suggests a much darker, more personal and more dramatic direction, which as you may have noticed is something I’m always a fan of.  I wouldn’t want to stray from the formula too much, but throwing a little more on the line in terms of the emotions and impact of the film could really make this one a classic.  Verdict: Cannot wait!  Right up there with Iron Man 3.

Star Trek Into Darkness

The Great Gatsby

The-Great-Gatsby3When I first saw the original trailer for this, I was extremely excited.  The old fashioned theme, scenery and outfits crossed with the heavy, banging Jay Z soundtrack.  It was fresh and original and looked like something that the movie scene could use.  The more I read and see about the film though, the less interested I become.  Not that there was negative press I read, or a poor trailer.  I think maybe the effect that first trailer had on me, a little shocked at the contrast and new direction, wore off a little bit, and I began to realize that movies that exhibit such bold stylistic attributes sometimes don’t live up to those in terms of quality of the film itself.  Take Gangster Squad as a great recent example.  I’m hoping it comes through though!  Verdict: A little skeptical, I’ll go see it if someone asks me to.

World War Z

World War ZI love Brad Pitt, and there’s been some big talk about this one.  I wasn’t all that impressed with the trailer however, and I didn’t see enough to suggest that this would be vastly different from all of the seemingly hundreds of zombie movies out there.  With the volume of zombie movies out there, I feel that the ones able to set themselves apart do so by being different, whether that be adding a humorous aspect or a little more of a personal touch, like 28 Days Later for instance.  We will see what they come up with, but being a huge The Walking Dead fan, I’m just not sure that this could be all that much better than what I get in the same genre on a weekly basis from AMC.  Verdict: Strangely uninterested.  DVD I think.

Fast and Furious 6

Well, after the horrifying mess that was Tokyo Drift, which I consider one of the all time low points of recent cinema history, and the near-equally bad 4th installment, I would have shut this deal down immediately.  However, in 2011, we, or I at least, was pleasantly surprised by Fast Five, which was at least a decent and somewhat entertaining little guilty pleasure action flick.  Adding Dwayne Johnson to the mix, removing some of the sillier ideas and sticking to good old fashioned high end action, what we got was a solid installment.  The trailers I’ve seen for the latest effort suggest more of the same, and if this is the case then I’d suggest it could at least be watchable.  Verdict: Well, I’m not exactly pumped for this one, but it might be worth a rent.

Man of Steel

Really don’t know what to say about this one.  It is a bit of a wild card at the moment, since there is only one trailer out there, and limited information.  It is a little less of an upcoming movie, than a movie down the road.  The cast appears to be a MONSTER cast, and while Henry Cavill is a little bit of an unknown entity to many, we also see Kevin Costner, Amy Adams and Russell Crowe appear in what is a very effective and epic looking trailer.  However, we get very limited screen time of both Adams and Crowe, making their impact on the film difficult to judge.  Zack Snyder has been a little hit and miss at times, but 300 and Watchmen were both great efforts.  300 proved he can do stunning visual action, while Watchmen confirmed this as well as showing his ability to direct with a bit more depth.  This trailer suggested that the film will follow most modern super hero movies, in that it will play on the hero’s inner struggles as a member of society and hopefully Snyder and Cavill can capture this.  The big positive is that Christopher Nolan is on board as a Producer, and he rarely puts his name on anything less than utter quality.  Verdict: Too early to tell, but extremely intrigued at this point.

man of steel

So those are my thoughts.  What do you guys think?

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