The Best Upcoming Movie Releases: April 26th


upcoming movie releases
Matthew McConaughey is primed for an Oscar nod.

April 26th Movie Releases

Each week, we here at MovieMelt want to highlight the upcoming movie releases that we are most looking forward to.  We will only highlight the films each week that we actually think will be good, and these won’t always include the big name, Hollywood movies that get all the buzz.  Hopefully we get it right!


Matthew Mcconaughey has been on a roll lately, and has been proving to the world that he is far more than the chick flick, romantic comedy star that he was type cast as earlier in his career.  The guy is a fantastic actor, and has star written all over him, so that’s why his latest little indie movie ‘MUD’ tops our list of the best upcoming movie releases this week.  We previously provided details on the film in an article by Wayner, describing how Matthew McConaughey could get an oscar nomination for ‘MUD.’

Well, the time to find out just how good the performance will be in almost upon us, as the film hits select theaters on Friday.  The trailer suggests a hard hitting drama, which will rely on a it’s performances from McConaughey and the young actors who play the part of the boys he befriends.  Director, Jeff Nichols, previous two films ‘Shotgun’ and ‘Take Shelter’ have been hard hitting, high impact movies that contained fantastic central performances.  This really bodes well for ‘MUD’ so let’s hope it delivers the goods.

See Girl Run

The next of our upcoming movie releases is ‘See Girl Run,’ another film previously documented here on MovieMelt as one of our ‘Indie Trailers of the Week.’  Starring Robin Tunney as a woman who is married, but may not be happy as we start to learn about the idea of settling in life, instead of doing what really ensures your happiness.  We see that the film will not only show us this side of the story, but also from the perspective of everyone affected by the emotional turmoil of our star, including her best friend and current husband.  Then we add Adam Scott into the mix, starring as the charming, perhaps less successful man who was her old high school boyfriend, and is perhaps much more suited to her.

Adam Scott has moved nicely from the type cast douche bag role into a collection of nice guy parts recently, and in general he has done a nice job with them.  If he can manage to build on this, maybe he and Tunney can provide some good on screen chemistry, and hopefully an above average romantic comedy/drama.


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