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‘The Place Beyond The Pines’ Movie Review

The Place Beyond The Pines

Derek Cianfrance’s last film, ‘Blue Valentine’ was a raw, emotional collection of snapshots that documented the best and worst aspects of love and relationships.  Cianfrance did so in a way that was so agonizingly real, …

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Trailer For ‘The Way, Way Back’ Charming and Funny

A favorite at the most recent Sundance Film Festival, this big name indie comedy, written by the same pair of writers who brought us ‘The Descendants’ really caught my eye today.  ‘The Way, Way Back’ …

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James McAvoy Gets Dirty In Red Band ‘Filth’ Trailer

Jsmes McAvoy in an actor who has quietly been in some fantastic movies, but many people don’t actually know who he is.  Some of his recent big hits include ‘X-Men: FIrst Class’ and ‘Wanted’ but …

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Hailee Steinfeld In New Romeo And Juliet Trailer

Julian Fellowes, writer of the fantastic British drama series ‘Downton Abbey’ has written the screenplay for the latest adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo And Juliet.’  While the latest attempt at this one was a modernized …

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Top 10 Movies That Should Be Re-Released in 3D

  Top 10 Movies The Should Be Re-Released in 3D The recent re-release of “Jurassic Park” in 3D IMAX is making everyone and their mother say “Wow! That is how “Jurassic Park” is meant to …

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‘Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor’ Review

Tyler Perry Tempation

Say what you will about Tyler Perry, but he is a busy guy. He started from nothing and has slowly built his own little empire with a loyal fan base. But the thing I love …

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‘Jane Got A Gun’ Finally On Track

  For those of you who have been following the progress of ‘Jane Got A Gun,’ you’ll know that the film’s production has seen it’s fair share of controversy and setbacks.  The addition of Noah …

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‘The Host’ Review: Twilight Or Something More?

The Host Movie

Write a book and sell that book. Once it sells millions of copies, write three more books and say it was meant to be a series. Get a movie deal and make millions of dollars. …

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Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Elysium’ Trailer Released

‘Elysium,’ the latest sci-fi action film from Neill Blomkamp, director of the fantastic, surprise hit ‘District 9’ has been released.  Starring Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, and ‘District 9’ hero Sharlto Copley, and will be Blomkamp’s chance to …

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‘Hands Of Stone’ – De Niro Takes On Boxing Again

Robert De Niro is no stranger to the cinematic boxing ring, having starred in one of the finest movies ever made, ‘Raging Bull’ as Jake LaMotta, and he will be looking to take on the …

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