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The Wolverine Review: An Improvement On Origins?

the wolverine

The Wolverine Movie Review Well, Wolverine has always been one of my favorite Marvel characters and certainly my favorite of the X-Men.  So it was to my huge disappointment that ‘X-Men Origins’ was pretty awful. …

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Wayner’s ‘2 Guns’ Movie Review

2 guns

2 Guns Movie Review If only I had 2 guns when I was watching this movie. I might have put both up to each of my temples and simultaneously pulled the triggers. It’s such a …

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Bradley Cooper Gets a Perm For New ‘American Hustle’ Trailer

american hustle

Director David O’Russel has had some huge successes in recent years, with fantastic Oscar nominated films such as The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook.  Here, shown in the latest trailer for ‘American Hustle’ he teams …

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2015 Set To Be The Biggest Movie Year Ever


Every summer there are a handful of blockbusters that movie-lovers eagerly anticipate; Sometimes they live up to expectations, sometimes they flop. The same thing goes for both Indies and blockbusters for the holiday season.  Each …

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Dead Man’s Burden Review: An Indie Western & Cinematic Spectacle

dead man's burden

Dead Man’s Burden Movie Review As you know, we love a good indie movie here at Movie Melt.  For me personally, I also love a good western, and I don’t think you see too many …

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Electro Is A Blue Jamie Foxx In The Teaser For ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’


Comic-Con has wrapped up for 2013 and I’m sure you’re enjoying the bombardment of teasers, posters and trailers. As expected, Marvel was a huge star at this years con.  They announced the title for ‘The …

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Only God Forgives Review: Can Gosling Improve On Drive?

only god forgives movie review

Only God Forgives Movie Review In 2011, ‘Drive’ was one of my contenders for the best movie of the year.  It was a super stylish, cool, violent and atmospheric ride that was flawless in my …

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Tom Hanks becomes Walt Disney in ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ Trailer

‘Saving Mr. Banks’ When you think about some of the biggest historical figures in our country’s history, Walt Disney isn’t always the first name that comes to mind.  But then when you think about it …

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‘Seventh Son’ Trailer – Another Big Budget Adaptation

‘Seventh Son’ ‘Seventh Son’ is an upcoming fantasy adventure film based on an acclaimed series written by Joseph Delaney.  The film stars Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore.  Check out the trailer: What do you think?  …

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Movie Melt’s ‘World War Z’ Review: Is It Worth The Massive Budget?

World War Z

‘World War Z’ Movie Review Based on a book by the same name, ‘World War Z’ is a zombie drama/thriller starring Brad Pitt and directed by Marc Forster, known for his work on Monster’s Ball …

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