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RoboCop Remake: The Top 10 Robot Movies Of All Time

Top 10 Robot Movies Of All Time With the first trailer for Jose Padilha’s 2014 RoboCop remake being released, Movie Melt wants to reveal our top 10 robot movies of all time.  You should note …

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The Spectacular Now Review: Breakout Roles For Young Stars

the spectacular now

The Spectacular Now Movie Review In high school, a lot of people think they have everything figured out. Everyone wants to live for the moment. Just be young and in love. Party it up with …

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The Best and Worst Summer Movies of 2013

Summer 2013: The Best and Worst Movies With Labor Day past us many people consider the summer to be over.  The summer of 2013 was a big one in world of movies.  We saw a …

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James Spader Signs On As Ultron In Avengers Sequel – Creepiest Robot In History?

spader ultron

James Spader cast in The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Well, we’ve got another piece of big superhero movie news, fresh off the heels of the Batfleck announcement, with Ben Affleck taking on the role …

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Actor Spotlight: The Top 10 Johnny Depp Movies of All Time

Top 10 Johnny Depp Movies To start a new feature here at Movie Melt, we will be running an actor spotlight list once a week or so, where we will highlight the top 10 movies …

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Batfleck? Ben Affleck to Play Batman – Why We SHOULD Be Excited

Brace yourselves movie fans.  Warner Bros announced yesterday that they have filled the role that Christian Bale played so iconically in the Dark Knight trilogy, much, much sooner than anyone thought they would even consider …

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‘Parkland’ Trailer Showcases Different Side of JFK Assassination

Parkland Movie Trailer     Director Peter Landesman will make his feature film directorial debut by taking on a massive piece of subject matter.  That is of course the infamous JFK assassination, where President John …

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New ‘The Counselor’ Trailer Showcases Potential Oscar Candidate

Cormac McCarthy has already got an amazing track record when it comes to writing novels that get adapted into fantastic films.  Examples are The Road and of course the Oscar winning No Country For Old …

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See Girl Run Review: A Romantic Comedy That Breaks The Mold

see girl run

See Girl Run Movie Review Certain movies stray from the standard formula, and I respect that.  In ‘See Girl Run,’ a romantic drama/comedy, director Nate Meyer has attempted to do just that.  You think you …

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Veteran Actors Vs. Nazis In The Monuments Men

There have been countless films about World War II, both fictional and non-fictional, from ‘The Dirty Dozen’ to ‘Saving Private Ryan.’  There have even been some more non-traditional takes on the subject of our battles …

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