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New Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Is Absolutely Insane

mad max fury road

Brace yourselves folks.  A new Mad Max: Fury Road trailer has been released and it is absolutely bonkers.  I mean, this thing is just ridiculous.  Right from the get go, we see an imprisoned  Max …

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Harrison Ford And Denis Villeneuve In For Blade Runner 2

blade runner 2

Huge, huge news for Blade Runner fans.  It’s been reported that Harrison Ford is on board to reprise his role as ‘replicant’ hunter Rick Deckard in a Blade Runner sequel that will take place a …

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John Wick Sequel Coming? We’ve Got Mixed Feelings

John Wick Sequel

Apparently, surprise 2014 hit John Wick already has a sequel on the way, and we don’t know if we like that.  The news came out of Movies.com, who sat down with the directors and got …

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Kick Ass 2 Theatrical Trailer Kicks Some Ass

So the full theatrical trailer just dropped for ‘Kick Ass 2’ the sequel to 2010’s surprise hit, graphic novel adaptation, ‘Kick-Ass.’  Starring Aaron Taylor Johnson as the title character, and Chloe Grace Moretz as his …

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