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It Follows Review: Still Want To Fool Around?

it follows

Sex equals death. The idea that young adults having sex in a horror movie being a death sentence is a common and accepted stereotype. It was commonly used in the horrors of the 80’s and …

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The Babadook Review: Finally, A Really Scary Movie.


?Good horror movies are pretty difficult to come by these days.  Movies that really get under your skin and make you lose a little sleep.  The ones that make you turn on that light in …

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Worst Threesome Ever In New Knock Knock Trailer

knock knock movie

Keanu Reeves had a very successful and surprising hit with his action thriller John Wick.  Now he joins forces with horror film maker Eli Roth in this mysterious movie that just played at Sundance.  The …

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attack the block

Low-budget sci-fi movies. Those words usually mean its 2 a.m. and nothing is on T.V. or the local cash-only drive-in is running a promo to try to stay in business. That is why I love …

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‘Here Comes The Devil’ Trailer – Spanish Horror Film Shocks At Film Festivals

here comes the devil

‘Here Comes The Devil’ Trailer (Green Band)   Here Comes The Devil is a new Spanish horror film from acclaimed indie horror director Adrián García Bogliano, who has put together some solid horror films in recent …

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The State of Modern Horror: Sequels, Slasher Films and Torture Porn

Sequels, Slasher Films and Torture Porn: What has happened to modern Horror? So I know I’m a little late to the game with this one, but I just watched The Conjuring for the first time. …

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Evil Dead: An Opinion

I am not a big scary movie fan, beings that I am a huge pussy. My mom once bought me a cassette tape of lullabies with my name in the lyrics, and I FREAKED OUT …

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Jessica Chastain Caps Stellar Cast For ‘Crimson Peak’

There has been some buzz recently regarding Guillermo del Toro’s next horror film, ‘Crimson Peak.’  While he has had his name on a lot of horror projects as a producer, for instance ‘The Orphanage’ and the …

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‘The Purge Trailer Is Released…WTF (In A Good Way)

The new trailer for ‘The Purge’ just dropped and I have to say it has my attention. It seems that Hollywood may finally be starting to throw some new creative ideas into the mix. You …

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Another Remake? Official Carrie Remake Trailer Released

The full trailer for the Carrie remake, starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore has hit our screens, and it looks, well…alright. First, let’s just talk about this Carrie remake.  So after watching the Carrie …

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