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12 Years A Slave Trailer Showcases All Star Cast

12 Years A Slave Trailer In the wake of the Trayvon Martin trail verdict, it is a time of immense racial tension in the United States.  Race is a topic that will also be covered …

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Tom Hanks becomes Walt Disney in ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ Trailer

‘Saving Mr. Banks’ When you think about some of the biggest historical figures in our country’s history, Walt Disney isn’t always the first name that comes to mind.  But then when you think about it …

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‘Seventh Son’ Trailer – Another Big Budget Adaptation

‘Seventh Son’ ‘Seventh Son’ is an upcoming fantasy adventure film based on an acclaimed series written by Joseph Delaney.  The film stars Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore.  Check out the trailer: What do you think?  …

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Movie Melt’s ‘World War Z’ Review: Is It Worth The Massive Budget?

World War Z

‘World War Z’ Movie Review Based on a book by the same name, ‘World War Z’ is a zombie drama/thriller starring Brad Pitt and directed by Marc Forster, known for his work on Monster’s Ball …

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‘White House (Goes) Down’ – Worst Ever Box Office Flops

With the recent release of the big action thriller ‘White House Down’ flopping horribly compared to expectations at the box office, Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum are sure to be wondering what went wrong.  The …

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Every Republican Thinks They Are Batman

“Every Republican Thinks They Are Batman”, by Angry Critic Disclaimer: This article is written by a maniacal Republican, is full of language unsuitable for children and is 100% free of any form of objectivity whatsoever. …

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‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ – Scorsese and DiCaprio Reunite Again.

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Martin Scorsese has his favorites.  Once he has one picked, he latches on to them and doesn’t let go.  Fortunately for the movie world, he tends to latch onto the …

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Justin Timberlake Bets The House In ‘Runner, Runner’ Trailer

It’s been a great year or so for Justin Timberlake.  He’s just released a successful new album, and he’s done some big things in the movie business.  He’s headlined some pretty good movies, such as …

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Wayner’s ‘Now You See Me’ Review: Movie Magic Or Just A Trick?

now you see me

‘Now You See Me’ Movie Review Movies are the closest thing we have to real magic. They can teleport you to far off lands. They can make people fly and animals talk. They can even …

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After Earth Review: As Bad As The Critics Say?

after earth

‘After Earth’ Movie Review M. Night Shyamalan returns. Unfortunately he returns with the stigma that all of his movies suck. We will see if the star power of Will Smith and Will Smith 2.0 (Jaden …

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