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Ethan Hawke Pulls The Trigger In Good Kill Trailer

good kill movie

Ethan Hawke has been a busy man lately, and he’s back in this new trailer for Good Kill, where he plays a former fighter pilot, turned military drone controller, who begins to question the morality …

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Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke In Creepy Regression Trailer

regression trailer

Check out this creepy new trailer for director Alejandro Amenabar’s (The Others) new horror-thriller Regression.  The film stars Ethan Hawke as Detective Bruce Kenner, who is investigating a case brought on when a young girl …

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Boyhood Movie Review: 12 Years A Boy

boyhood movie

Boyhood is a wonderful film but an inexperienced lead performance and fleeting nature hamper it’s Best Picture worth. Movies almost always deal with a small snapshot in time.  A period of time that is relatively …

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Our Best Casting Ideas For HBO’s True Detective Season 2

true detective season 2

For those of you who watch it, and I certainly hope you do, HBO’s incredible new series True Detective came to an end last night in a gripping finale.  Throughout the 8-episode series, Matthew McConaughey …

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‘Before Midnight’ Review: Hawke And Delpy Cap Off Their Masterpiece Trilogy

before midnight

‘Before Midnight’ Movie Review Way back in 1995 Director Richard Linklater introduced us to two young people named Jesse and Celine, in ‘Before Sunrise.’ We followed their single night together, and watched the pair fall …

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‘The Purge Trailer Is Released…WTF (In A Good Way)

The new trailer for ‘The Purge’ just dropped and I have to say it has my attention. It seems that Hollywood may finally be starting to throw some new creative ideas into the mix. You …

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‘Before Midnight’ Trailer – Sequel to ‘Before Sunset’

Well, this one crept up on me.  Today I saw the trailer for ‘Before Midnight,’ which is a sequel that will create a trilogy out of two of my favorite films ‘Before Sunrise’ and ‘Before …

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