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Movie Melt Present’s Our Oscars: The 2014 Melties

So 2013 was an absolutely incredible year in film.  We saw one of the best groups of Best Picture nominees ever assembled, and even some films that were left out but well deserved such as …

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‘Homefront’ – The 19th Sequel To One Of The Jason Statham Movies


If you’ve been watching television over this lead up period to Thanksgiving, you’ve probably been exposed to the trailer for, or some other form of advertisement for, ‘Homefront,’ a new movie starring Jason Statham and …

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‘Escape From Tomorrow’ – A Darker Disney & Guerrilla Filmmaking

Escape From Tomorrow – ‘Ultimate Guerilla Film’ Alright folks – the new trailer for Escape From Tomorrow has me intrigued. It had me intrigued as soon as a read the blurb.  It sounded original, creepy, …

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Does the top keep spinning at the end of ‘Inception’?: Why America’s Mainstream Movie Audience Needs Closure.

And they lived happily ever after. I blame Disney. The ugly truth is that the average American moviegoer needs closure at the end of a movie. (I said average, so I don’t want to hear …

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Must See Movies You’ve Never Seen: ‘The Imposter’

Every once in a while a film comes around that is like nothing else you’ve seen.  A unique experience that has the benefit of having nothing prior to it, with which a viewer can compare …

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Don’t See ‘2016: Obama’s America’, You Are Too Stupid.

2016 Obamas America

Doesn’t that title surprise you? The mod outs me as a conservative and now I am telling you not to go see one of the few pieces of media that does not pull punches when talking …

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“Room 237” Documentary Trailer – Must See!

Well folks, I’m going to admit to you all now that when it comes to movies I am a sucker for conspiracy theories and hidden meanings.  I employ a strange dynamic, in that I am …

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