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‘Escape From Tomorrow’ – A Darker Disney & Guerrilla Filmmaking

Escape From Tomorrow – ‘Ultimate Guerilla Film’ Alright folks – the new trailer for Escape From Tomorrow has me intrigued. It had me intrigued as soon as a read the blurb.  It sounded original, creepy, …

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Bradley Cooper Gets a Perm For New ‘American Hustle’ Trailer

american hustle

Director David O’Russel has had some huge successes in recent years, with fantastic Oscar nominated films such as The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook.  Here, shown in the latest trailer for ‘American Hustle’ he teams …

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Dead Man’s Burden Review: An Indie Western & Cinematic Spectacle

dead man's burden

Dead Man’s Burden Movie Review As you know, we love a good indie movie here at Movie Melt.  For me personally, I also love a good western, and I don’t think you see too many …

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Movie Melt’s ‘World War Z’ Review: Is It Worth The Massive Budget?

World War Z

‘World War Z’ Movie Review Based on a book by the same name, ‘World War Z’ is a zombie drama/thriller starring Brad Pitt and directed by Marc Forster, known for his work on Monster’s Ball …

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‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ – Scorsese and DiCaprio Reunite Again.

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Martin Scorsese has his favorites.  Once he has one picked, he latches on to them and doesn’t let go.  Fortunately for the movie world, he tends to latch onto the …

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‘Disconnect’ Review

disconnect movie review

‘Disconnect Movie Review’ The ensemble drama is way over done these days. Each character has a story of their own, but each character is also loosely connected to one another.  When it is done poorly, …

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‘Trance’ Review: Can James Mcavoy’s Hypnotize Us?

trance movie review

Trance Movie Review Danny Boyle is a very stylistic filmmaker. Now, with ‘Trance’, all narrative structure gets thrown out the window since we are dealing with the unconscious. This is like getting in the ring …

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‘Mud’ Review: Oscar Possibilities For McConaughey

mud movie review

MUD Review Earlier this month I said that Matty McConaughey might get an Oscar nod for Mud. Seriously, check it out, because I said it. Well, he delivered the best performance of his career. Whether …

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A Hollywood Mock Draft of Actors and Actresses

MovieMelt’s Mock Draft So with the 2013 NFL Draft underway, the crew here at MovieMelt decided we would hold a little draft of our own.  I got to wondering, if there was a draft for …

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Indie Movie Trailer of the Week: “Upstream Color”

Back in college I saw a film named Primer.  It is a low budget movie, based on the concept of asking the question, what would happen to a group of friends if they actually created …

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