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“Do You Bleed?” Batman Vs Superman Trailer Arrives

batman vs superman

After months and months of anticipation the first full trailer for Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice has arrived and it is much l much darker than we expected.  The trailer actually leaked …

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New Details About Batman’s Suicide Squad Appearance

Ben Affleck Batman

Rumors of Batman’s involvement in the upcoming DC Universe film Suicide Squad have been swirling for a while now, and today an Instagram post from Latino-Review’s Umberto Gonzalez has revealed some much more in depth …

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The Best Movie Directors Who Are Also Famous Actors

famous actors

Over the years, there have been a ton of famous actors who have turned into movie directors, with mixed levels of success.  Many of them direct themselves regularly, while some have even directed films that …

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Batfleck? Ben Affleck to Play Batman – Why We SHOULD Be Excited

Brace yourselves movie fans.  Warner Bros announced yesterday that they have filled the role that Christian Bale played so iconically in the Dark Knight trilogy, much, much sooner than anyone thought they would even consider …

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Justin Timberlake Bets The House In ‘Runner, Runner’ Trailer

It’s been a great year or so for Justin Timberlake.  He’s just released a successful new album, and he’s done some big things in the movie business.  He’s headlined some pretty good movies, such as …

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Justin Timberlake Lands ‘Spinning Gold’ Role As Neil Bogart

‘Spinning Gold’ Justin Timberlake has just release his latest album, a long awaited record after taking a break from music to pursue a more serious acting career.  During the musical hiatus Justin has been able …

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Movie Releases Of The Week: ‘To The Wonder’

In a week that is unfortunately a little thin on strong new movie releases, there are a couple films that might be worth throwing in your hard earned $10 to go see. To The Wonder …

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The Angry Critic’s Top 5 Movie Snubs of 2012

A note from your host – Introducing AngryCritic Hi movie fans – jmartin here.  Just wanted to take a second to introduce you to AngryCritic, one of our resident movie experts.  He’s also a little, …

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This Year in Movies – Five Things We Learned

This was a hell of a year to be a movie fan. There are good movies that come out every year, and perhaps this statement is redundant, but living in the present, I truly believe …

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Affleck Overlooked? – The Abstract Art of Movie Directing

When we watch a film we can generally tell if it is a great movie or not.  We know, because we just watched it, and it was great.  It’s pretty simple, right?  We can tell …

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