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Justin Timberlake Lands ‘Spinning Gold’ Role As Neil Bogart

‘Spinning Gold’ Justin Timberlake has just release his latest album, a long awaited record after taking a break from music to pursue a more serious acting career.  During the musical hiatus Justin has been able …

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‘Trance’ Review: Can James Mcavoy’s Hypnotize Us?

trance movie review

Trance Movie Review Danny Boyle is a very stylistic filmmaker. Now, with ‘Trance’, all narrative structure gets thrown out the window since we are dealing with the unconscious. This is like getting in the ring …

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‘Mud’ Review: Oscar Possibilities For McConaughey

mud movie review

MUD Review Earlier this month I said that Matty McConaughey might get an Oscar nod for Mud. Seriously, check it out, because I said it. Well, he delivered the best performance of his career. Whether …

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A Hollywood Mock Draft of Actors and Actresses

MovieMelt’s Mock Draft So with the 2013 NFL Draft underway, the crew here at MovieMelt decided we would hold a little draft of our own.  I got to wondering, if there was a draft for …

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‘Lore’ Movie Review

lore movie review

‘Lore’ Movie Review “The difference between treason and patriotism is only a matter of dates.” ― Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo ‘Lore’ is a unique art house film under the umbrella of Holocaust …

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Les Films Francais: Ten Of The Best French Movies

Ten Of The Best French Movies The french have always been known for great movies, but not everyone is familiar with them.  For those of you who would like to get out and see some …

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‘Mud’ Could Yield Oscar Nomination for Matthew McConaughey

              We’ve seen it many times before. It’s that moment when an action/comedy actor surprises you with a serious acting role and gets nominated for an Oscar.  I mean …

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The World of Actors And Actresses – Categorized

So I was recently looking through some IMDB filmographies and I got to thinking about what it is that makes actors and actresses end up in the movies they do.  I decided it would be …

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The Angry Critic’s Top 5 Movie Snubs of 2012

A note from your host – Introducing AngryCritic Hi movie fans – jmartin here.  Just wanted to take a second to introduce you to AngryCritic, one of our resident movie experts.  He’s also a little, …

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“Trance” Red Band Trailer

I’m a little late to the dance with this one, but please check out the red band trailer for Danny Boyle’s newest movie, Trance.  If you’re a fan of Danny Boyle you’ll know that doesn’t shy …

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