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Alexander Payne Takes Us To Nebraska


‘Nebraska’ Alexander Payne’s directorial efforts are few and far between, but his last two films, ‘Sideways’ and ‘The Descendants’ were fantastic.  The Descendants was Oscar nominated for Best Picture and actually won the Best Adapted …

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Actress Spotlight: The Top 10 Sandra Bullock Movies

Top 10 Sandra Bullock Movies With Sandra Bullock’s new movie Gravity, alongside George Clooney, soon to be released we want to take a look at some of her best work.  With a large filmography there …

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The Spectacular Now Review: Breakout Roles For Young Stars

the spectacular now

The Spectacular Now Movie Review In high school, a lot of people think they have everything figured out. Everyone wants to live for the moment. Just be young and in love. Party it up with …

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The Best and Worst Summer Movies of 2013

Summer 2013: The Best and Worst Movies With Labor Day past us many people consider the summer to be over.  The summer of 2013 was a big one in world of movies.  We saw a …

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‘Parkland’ Trailer Showcases Different Side of JFK Assassination

Parkland Movie Trailer     Director Peter Landesman will make his feature film directorial debut by taking on a massive piece of subject matter.  That is of course the infamous JFK assassination, where President John …

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New ‘The Counselor’ Trailer Showcases Potential Oscar Candidate

Cormac McCarthy has already got an amazing track record when it comes to writing novels that get adapted into fantastic films.  Examples are The Road and of course the Oscar winning No Country For Old …

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12 Years A Slave Trailer Showcases All Star Cast

12 Years A Slave Trailer In the wake of the Trayvon Martin trail verdict, it is a time of immense racial tension in the United States.  Race is a topic that will also be covered …

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‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ – Scorsese and DiCaprio Reunite Again.

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Martin Scorsese has his favorites.  Once he has one picked, he latches on to them and doesn’t let go.  Fortunately for the movie world, he tends to latch onto the …

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Must See Movies You Haven’t Seen: ‘Once’ (2007)

‘Once’ (2007) Every now and again you see a film that makes you say, ‘How did I never see or hear about this film before?’  You’ve never heard of it, yet it is basically perfect …

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‘Disconnect’ Review

disconnect movie review

‘Disconnect Movie Review’ The ensemble drama is way over done these days. Each character has a story of their own, but each character is also loosely connected to one another.  When it is done poorly, …

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