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Suicide Squad Updates: What We Think We Know.

Obviously, in the world of movies, especially movies in the distant future, nothing is set in stone.  I mean, after Heath Ledger’s stunning performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight, I assumed that nobody would be playing that role in a VERY long time.  That proved incorrect, as we now have one of DC’s most notorious comics, Suicide Squad, coming to the big screen.  Comic fans already know exactly what this means, but in short Suicide Squad is a collection of some of DC’s most charismatic villains, who are recruited to take on extremely dangerous missions on behalf of humanity, temporarily becoming the baddest good guys in the universe (ever wonder why these villains are always roaming the streets instead of being locked up??).

So what do we know about the film so far?

In terms of casting, there is an incredibly talented lineup so far, some more definite than others.  The suicide squad has included all sorts of villains, but it looks like the lineup in the film will include Will Smith playing Deadshot, Margot Robbie playing Harley Quinn, Jai Courtney as Boomerang, Cara Delevingne as Enchantress and of course Jared Leto will take on the role of the iconic Joker, in what I think is great casting.  Then throw in Viola Davis potentially playing a part and Jesse Eisenberg bringing his new Lex Luthor role into the mix.  If anyone doesn’t think the film will be a success at the box office, did I mention that Margot Robbie is playing Harley Quinn??

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So the cast is beginning to take shape.  Some other rumors include the fact that Batman may make an appearance, which of course leads us to ask if that means Ben Affleck will take part in Suicide Squad.  I’d doubt it, personally, but I could see the argument that he may have a cameo or post trailer appearance to set up his next solo Batman movie.  Ben Moore at Screen Rant proposed this (having sourced from Forbes) recently in their own piece:

“According to Forbes, Batman won’t just get a mention (or appear in video footage, as previous rumors claimed) – he’ll appear “in-story” at the end of the film after The Joker escapes Arkham Asylum. Apparently, this will more or less kick-start the plot of Batman’s own standalone film, which will be heavily influenced by the Joker section of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns comic book.”

Comic fans will know what to make of that!

I’ve also seen other names attached, scattered around the internet, such as Tom Hardy, who has been removed since.  But Jake Gyllenhaal’s name has also been mentioned for a role all over the place, particularly in connection to original Squad leader Rick Flagg.  That would be a huge addition, that I’m also skeptical about but it’s all over the web folks.

In terms of the actual plot, information was scarce, but from various sources over the past week such as Screen Rant, Cinema Blend and Fansided, we’ve seen some clues.  The source was a tweet from film maker David Ayers himself, suggesting a specific installment of the comics would be the basis of the story.  That issue, for those who want to look it up, would be Suicide Squad Vol. 4, #1. 

Well, that’s what we have so far.  We’ll bring updates as we get them.  When I first heard this was going to hit the screen I was surprised, and honestly was thinking this is one comic that is better served in the comic world.  But the more we heard, the more I feel as though I’ll eat my thoughts!  Margot Robbie folks.

Sources: Cinema Blend, Screen Rant

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  1. The only person I don’t see fitting in this cast is Will Smith.. he doesn’t play ‘killer’ for me. I could be surprised though who knows.. 🙂

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