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Star Wars Spin-Off: Where Will It Fit?

It’s been common knowledge now for a little while that Gareth Edwards, director of the recent Godzilla remake, will be making a Star Wars film that sits outside of JJ Abrams upcoming and highly anticipated new trilogy.  There have been all sorts of rumors regarding when and where it will fit within the Star Wars Universe.  My assumption, and what I had read was that it would move into the past, somewhere between the first two trilogies and would involve the bounty hunters, perhaps even Bobba Fett.  Cinema Blend, among others have suggested that Michael Fassbender may ever take on that role.  Also, that many famous ladies such as Kata Mara, Rooney Mara and Felicity Jones have been trying to get involved.

However, check out this recent quote from Bob Iger, Disney CEO.  Get Your Geek On came up with these goods:

As one of the few people allowed to visit the set during filming….and one of the fewer who’s seen most of the footage…I can assure the millions of Star Wars fans who have spent the last decade hoping for a new movie this one will be worth the wait. And it’s only the beginning of a new era of exceptional Star Wars storytelling; next year we’ll release our first standalone movie based on these characters, followed by Star Wars: Episode VIII in 2017, and we’ll finish this trilogy with Episode IX in 2019.

Might seem like nothing huh, except excitement.  But note that his wording, “standalone movie based on these characters” suggests that he’s referring to the characters from Episode 7.  A slip of the tongue, or a meaningful point?  Not sure, but it could certainly change our expectations of what we’re going to see in that standalone film, and perhaps in the new trilogy.  New characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens include X-Wing pilot Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), Rey (Daisy Ridley) and the supposed lead character Finn played by John Boyega.  Could he be referring to these three?  Or perhaps some of their relatives from the past, using the spin off as a way to give us a look at our new characters history before we delve into Episode VIII??

Only time will tell.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens is slated for the end of 2015 and boy we cannot wait.

Source: Get Your Geek On, Cinema Blend

star wars the force awakens

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