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See Girl Run Review: A Romantic Comedy That Breaks The Mold

See Girl Run Movie Review

Certain movies stray from the standard formula, and I respect that.  In ‘See Girl Run,’ a romantic drama/comedy, director Nate Meyer has attempted to do just that.  You think you know where this movie is heading and it consistently surprises you.  Normally this is a great thing, but with ‘See Girl Run’ I’m not so sure…..


See Girl Run sees a married woman named Emmie, played by Robin Tunney, who is caught in what seems to be a marriage gone stale with her husband Graham (Josh Hamilton).   She can’t help wondering if she settled in life, and this is further complicated by the fact that she still receives romantic communications from an old high school sweetheart Jason (played brilliantly by Adam Scott), who she never technically broke up with, and still considers her the love of his life.  What follows is her attempt to escape and visit her former flame, in order to really find out what is going on in her life.


On the surface, this is not a new situation for us to see in a movie.  Woman with man, not particularly happy, full of regrets, with another seemingly better person there that she is meant to be with.  However, ‘See Girl Run’ doesn’t present the material in a familiar fashion at all.  This is certainly more of a drama than a comedy and it doesn’t really look to take a funny approach to the situations at hand most of the time.  The rare occasions that the movie will make you laugh are some of Adam Scott’s dialogue or quirky actions.   But it’s important to note, that if you are looking for a hilarious rom-com to sit down and laugh at with your partner, then I would look elsewhere.

The acting here is solid, and it’s difficult to find any real complaints.  Everyone seems to be on their game, while not always spectacular.  Robin Tunney is only ok for the most part, but the best performances come from Adam Scott as her old flame, and Jeremy Strong who plays her alcoholic brother Brandon.  Perhaps the best character in the movie, and the only one who really brings any true depth or leads us to feel for him, the film does well to give him a pretty large amount of screen time.  He is generally at the center of the films key moments and most meaningful pieces of dialogue, and this is a good thing.

The real problem with this movie, is that in all honestly, nothing much really happens.  It certainly doesn’t need to be a fast paced  film, and steady plodding  pace is fine, but not when you just feel like you’re not seeing much unfold.  There are times when you just kind of get lost, bored even, as the characters seem to float through the proceedings.  Every now and again you really feel pulled in, but for whatever reason the film managed to lose my attention again, time after time.

This isn’t to say it didn’t have its moments.  While I found it dull for long chunks, when the film was good, it was really good.  There was some great stuff between Scott and Jeremy Strong, as our lead Jason befriends Emmie’s alcoholic brother.  Many of their conversations really come off as real and genuine, almost unscripted, and they really help us understand what the film is trying to tell us without losing their subtlety.  Then there is of course the climax of the film, and I have to admit the last 10 minutes or so were pretty darn good (whether or not you appreciate the ending!).

Another problem the film has, is that our two leads, who are the subject of the majority of the romantic drama, only spend about 5 minutes together during the entire movie.  While this is key to the films storyline, and it is an original take on things, unfortunately for me, you can just never fully buy into their romance when you never really get to see it.  Maybe this is intentional.  Maybe not.  Either way, for me it just didn’t do it.


While the film certainly was original, and was pretty well acted, unfortunately for me it just didn’t strike any chords.  It didn’t tug at your heart strings the way a good romantic drama does, and it didn’t really resonate or present any situations that I personally was able to relate to.  Whether or not you enjoy the films climax, which will certainly be what most people base their conclusions on, for me the film is just average regardless.

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Movie Melt Score - 6


See Girl Run was a promising film, that despite good performances, just fails to strike any meaningful chords. Bonus points for an original and unexpected conclusion.

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