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New ‘Lost River’ Trailer: Gosling’s Dark Debut

Ryan Gosling has been out of our sights for a while, not showing up in any film roles.  The reason is largely that he’s been working on his new passion for film making, writing and directing his feature length debut Lost River.  The film stars Christina Hendricks as a single mother who finds herself in a seedy, dark side of life while seeking financial help.  Meanwhile, her son Bones get’s into trouble of his own with a local gangster of sorts, and finds himself seeking salvation in a hidden underwater town he discovers under a flooded river.  Those who’ve been following the film know that it was unfortunately panned pretty hard by critics when it screened at Cannes.  However, the trailer has finally hit the general public, so we’ll soon have the opportunity to see the film and judge it for ourselves.

The last time we saw Gosling on the big screen it was in Only God Forgives, his second film with director Nicolas Winding Refn, and his former director clearly had a very strong influence on his film making style.  The trailer shows some elements very similar to Refn’s films, with the dark scenery filled with a color palette of neon purples, pinks and greens.  He’s also recruited some of the same talent, Hendricks primarily, along with the likes of young up and comer Saoirse Ronan (How I Live Now), Eva Mendes and Ben Mendelsohn, who was truly incredible in the Australian film Animal Kingdom.

I am a huge Gosling fan, so I will certainly give this film a chance, free of Cannes bias.  We can only hope that it is better than they’ve tried to tell us.  We’ll get the opportunity to find out when the film get’s its US DVD release date in April, 2015.

Check out the trailer here:

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