Russell Crowe Builds A Biblically Challenged Arc In ‘Noah’ Trailer


When I saw the new trailer for Darren Aronofsky‘s biblical (I say this with caution, as you’ll read shortly) epic ‘Noah’, I was a little bit surprised.  I had heard nothing about the film, and considering it’s grand scale I considered that odd.  After watching the trailer I’m intrigued and actually quite excited to see what Mr. Aronofsky and his star Russell Crowe have done with  the project.

The film stars Russell Crowe as biblical legend Noah, as well as Jennifer Conelly, Anthony Hopkins and Emma Watson as members of his family, who must help him build an arc as the world faces imminent destruction by water.  Immediately we can see that the special effects will be stunning and the scale epic in Aronofsky’s film.  If we’ve learned anything from his previous films such as ‘The Wrestler‘ and ‘Black Swan‘ it is that Darren Aronofsky can make a damn good movie, but he hasn’t done one of these big budget epics and it will be a bit of a change.

An interesting addition to the story that appears to be present here is an army of soldiers, led by Ray Winston, who seek to take over Noah’s arc, and are willing to fight for it.  Since the flood portion of the book of Genesis is pretty short in the bible, obviously the screenwriters had to extend and add some pieces of material and I’m sure that dynamic will make up a lot of that.

This leads into a key point about Aronofsky’s Noah which is drawing a lot of attention from many film fans and especially Christian and Jewish religious groups.  What we don’t get the impression of is a film that will be extremely religious or closely tied to the original material written in the scripture.  In fact, sources state that the film is borderline environmentalist based even more so than it is religious.  This is just media speculation as far as I’m concerned though, and I for one am interested to see the film whichever direction it takes, and they shouldn’t make the movie just to sell tickets to Christian movie fans, if that isn’t the film they want to make.

The film is due to come out in March of 2014 – check out the trailer here:

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