“Room 237” Documentary Trailer – Must See!

Well folks, I’m going to admit to you all now that when it comes to movies I am a sucker for conspiracy theories and hidden meanings.  I employ a strange dynamic, in that I am also very skeptical at times, and a large majority of the time I am quick to dismiss these ideas.  That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the crap out of watching them.  What it looks like we have here, is a documentary in the same vein, but research and reaction suggests that no matter the content, it is extremely well done.  Room 237 will delve into Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining,” a film which has been pined over by movie fans and analysts for years, due to the fact that nobody can fully understand it.  Kubrick is not one to reveal any secrets either, so documentary analyses like these may be the closest thing to answers the movie world ever gets.

The trailer above, is a stroke of genius, and one of the most intriguing trailers I’ve ever seen.  Part of it’s genius is that it really shows you nothing.  It contains a suggestive visual message, taking a trademark of the movie and combining it with nothing but text, vaguely describing the films contents.  The combination of the harrowing music, the written descriptions and the slightly strange blood soaked scene taking place in the background leaves you begging to know what kind of secrets or suggestions the filmmakers want to reveal throughout the movie.

Who knows, maybe the movie could be complete nonsense.  Even if this is the case, they still deserve props for the sick trailer.   I’m not sure what kind of “hidden messages” they touch on in the film, and they are relatively secretive about it.  Their website (http://room237movie.com/the-film/ – check it out) doesn’t reveal much either, other than vague descriptions and some information on the rare screenings around the world.  Some things I’ve heard thrown around in the past involve mistreatment of Native Americans and connections to the Holocaust, so I would imagine they will touch on these at some point in the movie.

To make a good conspiracy movie or analysis of deeper meaning, the ideas should ideally be at least somewhat plausible and presented with evidence.  However, even if they are a little lacking in this department, entertainment value can still be there if the right techniques are utilized.  We may be watching real life events or ideas but I’ve always admired the documentaries where the filmmaker is able to maintain this integrity while also presenting us with some of the entertainment and feelings we gain from a work of fiction.

I really hope Room 237 is able to capture the best of both of these worlds and give us an experience that matches the one the trailer gave us (only with a little more information!).  “The Shining” is a film that will never be fully understood, but I certainly think that a hell of a lot of fun can be had trying!

The film has been seen at various film festivals, but there are no firm release dates I can find for the US, but it looks like there will be some form of limited release on March 29.  I personally can’t wait.  If anyone has seen the film since it’s appearance at Sundance in January of 2012 please let us know!

Room 237 Documentary

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