No Escape Trailer Is Intense With A Serious Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson has one serious before, and it looks like he’s going to try it again in this new No Escape trailer that just hit the internet.  It’s a action packed trailer that barely let’s up for a second, and if the film is anything like that we might be in for some serious intensity.  John Erick Dowdle wrote and directed this thriller about a man and wife (Owen Wilson and Lake Bell) who move to Southeast Asia with their young daughter, thinking they’re going to be starting a new life in paradise.  However, when a civil uprising takes place, the family gets caught up in a war between the military and some kind of citizen militia.    Pierce Brosnan also makes the cast as a government agent who is trying to help Wilson’s character get his family home.

The trailer looks incredibly intense and action packed, and I’m hoping for some very gritty, Children of Men style action scenes, where our characters fight their way through the tight, compact streets of Asia.  There are a ton of explosions in the trailer, as well as some tense chases, civilian casualties and what looks like Wilson tossing his daughter across the gap between two rooftops.  Wow.  That might be a first for cinema as far as I’m concerned.  It certainly does highlight how high the stakes (and perhaps the buildings in Asia) will be in No Escape, which is Owen Wilson’s first trip outside of the comedy realm since Behind Enemy Lines back in 2001.

It’s be interesting to see if Wilson is able to be a credible hero in what I would imagine will aim to be a credible and realistic action thriller.  I think he’s got it in him, and if anything I’d be more concerned about the talents of Lake Bell here.  She’s a talented young actress, but this kind of intensity could be outside of her sweet spot.  That being said, sometimes these films are all the more interesting when the characters seem extremely out of their comfort zone, and perhaps that might add to the effect of No Escape.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Check out the new No Escape trailer above.  The film is set for US release on September 2nd, 2015.

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