New ‘The Counselor’ Trailer Showcases Potential Oscar Candidate

Cormac McCarthy has already got an amazing track record when it comes to writing novels that get adapted into fantastic films.  Examples are The Road and of course the Oscar winning No Country For Old Men.  However, here he has skipped the novel portion and moved straight to penning his own screenplay for ‘The Counselor’ which has been directed by Ridley Scott, who’s last film Prometheus, was a great success.

Check out the trailer for The Counselor here:



The fact that Cormac McCarthy has written the screenplay here immediately makes me absolutely thrilled and desperate to see this film.  No Country For Old Men is my favorite film of all time, and I’ve read a number of his books also.  His style is dark, relentless, gritty and perfectly suited to my taste in film.

Then on top of this, just take a look at this cast.  He reunites with Javier Bardem, who played his seemingly invincible villain in No Country, and also has Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender (who also teamed with Ridley Scott on Prometheus) in leading male roles.  Throw in the beautiful Cameron Diaz, and even more beautiful Penelope Cruz and you really do have an all star group.

Lastly, with Cormac McCarthy you know that the plot is going to be filled with crime and some fantastic depth of character, as well as a lot of unexpected twists.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one of those main characters I just named off were dead within the first fifteen minutes.  Cormac writes how he wants to write.  Not to make people happy.  And let me tell you what.  That makes me happy.

The story itself, at a high level, revolves around a lawyer, played by Fassbender, who lands himself into a messy web of crime and danger when he gets caught up in drug trafficking.  Exactly who the real villains are (probably all of them!) I’m not sure, but it looks like Bardem will be playing some form of drug dealer, and an extravagant one at that.  Bardem seems to play a completely different part in every film I see him in, and that doesn’t seem any different here.

I’m pegging this film as a potential movie of the year for me, and I hope it comes through.  On Octover 25th we’ll find out, as this is when it will be released to us in the US.  Check it out!

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