New ‘Non-Stop’ Trailer – ‘Taken’ On a Plane?

non stop trailer

Is Liam Neeson being type-cast again?  Or is Non-Stop his chance to show off a different ‘set of skills?’

I watched the new trailer for the film ‘Non-Stop today, starring Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore.  My initial reaction to the description and the first couple seconds of the trailer was that this was a terrible case of typecasting, of Liam Neeson, as the same character he seems to be popping up as since his highly successful work in Taken.  However, after watching the trailer for ‘Non-Stop’ I’m not so sure.  The premise looks like a fairly fresh take on the plane hijacking idea.  Check it out:




From what I can see, it has an interesting little twist here, in the sense that I’ve never seen a movie where the villain is hijacking the plane, and framing somebody, but basically telling the person that they’re being framed along the way.

It could be argued that it is probably going to end up being very gimmicky, and having some ridiculous twist that extends beyond the realms of belief.  But at least it’s a fresh twist.  If Neeson can be his usual bad ass self, then I’m on board to check it out.  It’s also got Michelle Dockery, star of Downton Abbey, in the first big movie role I will have seen her in other than British material.

What is not original about the film, is the shot of Liam Neeson on the phone, to some villain, basically being a bad ass in his rough, brooding voice.  However, this time it looks like he’s texting.

My opinion is mixed, and most of the stuff that I’m reading out there is pretty mixed too.  But my hunch tells me that it might fail to deliver on an interesting premise.  I like Liam Neeson as a guy though – so I’m hoping I’m wrong.

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