New Grace Kelly Biopic Starring Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman Grace Kelly

For all of you classic movie lovers out there, some interesting news came out today regarding a new biopic about the late (but unbelievably great) Grace Kelly.  The film, titled ‘Grace of Monaco’ will star Nicole Kidman as Kelly, and I think the casting has the potential to be fantastic if Kidman is able to return to the form she was in around a decade ago.  Directing duties fall to Olivier Dahan, who has already proven his ability to direct a portrait of a famous woman, with his amazing movie ‘La Vie En Rose’ starring Marion Cotillard as french singer Edith Piaf.

As a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s films, I was first exposed to Grace Kelly when I saw Hitchcock’s classic thriller ‘Dial M For Murder.’  I immediately fell in love with her, and then again in western classic ‘High Noon’ and another Hitchcock thriller with Jimmy Stewart, ‘Rear Window.’  Perhaps Kelly’s greatest role was in ‘The Country Girl’ where she took home the Academy Award for Best Actress.  Kelly was insanely beautiful, in an effortless way and her acting was equally as effortless as she managed to bring a unique charm to every role she took on.

In her late twenties, Kelly married Rainier III who was the Prince of Monaco with whom she had three children.  The film will apparently focus largely on this period of her life, and some of the personal struggles that she went through as well as the political struggles between her husband and famous French military general Charles de Gaulle, which naturally trickled down onto her.  While I am an avid fan of Kelly’s and have studied her film career in depth, this is a part of her story that I am not as familiar with and for that reason I’m very interested to see the film, and I hope that it sticks as close to the truth as possible.

Grace of MonacoIn 1982, Kelly was killed in a car accident that happened as a result of her suffering a stroke behind the wheel.  She died far too young, at age 52.  Whether or not the film will continue on this far into her life, I’m not sure, but I anticipate that it will delve into the fact that she was said to deeply miss her acting career and the stresses she was placed under as a result of her husband’s position in a monarchy under constant pressure from outside forces.

With some of the latest highly anticipated biopics like ‘J.Edgar’ and ‘The Iron Lady’ being slightly disappointing, hopefully this one will be more in the vein of Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ and provide us a fascinating and entertaining view of the lesser known life of one of America’s most beloved actresses.  The film is set to hit the theaters on December 27.

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