New Crimson Peak Trailer – Del Toro Hollywood Horror

Guillermo del Toro has been making unique horror films for quite some time now, and his mastery of the fantasy and horror genres is clear.  Crimson Peak is his latest, and perhaps biggest horror entry so far, with an all star cast that has changed a few times along the way.  The trailer shows a moody, haunted house genre film that is sure to be full of mystery, deceit, dark corners and plenty of ghosts.

The film starts Mia Wasikowska as Edith, a young woman who marries a wealthy gentleman named Thomas (played by Tom Hiddleston).  Thomas takes his new wife to his childhood home, a giant, brooding mansion in the middle of the mountains, where his strange and creepy sister, played by Jessica Chastain, joins them.  Edith soon finds out that her husband might not be the person she thought, and the siblings as well as the enormous house may have a dark history that is going to resurface.  Fresh off of the Sons of Anarchy finale, Charlie Hunnam is also in the mix as a doctor named Alan, who may be Edith’s best hope of survival.

It’s clear that the film will be textbook del Toro, with some very stylish horror visuals, plenty of ghosts and some trippy sequences.  His films are always held together by a strong and rich back story that is slowly revealed as the horrors also reveal themselves.  Tom Hiddleston has plenty of experience playing bad guys, so it’s almost certain that his character will be more sinister than he’s initially portrayed.  Jessica Chastain casts a haunting figure also.  The film has been through some interesting casting trials and tribulations though, with Emma Stone originally in place to play Edith and Benedict Cumberbatch owning the leading role as Thomas.  Fortunately, they’ve managed excellent replacements and the film will hopefully deliver the goods in both the story and scares department.

We’ll find out just how scary it will be when it hits theaters on October 16th.

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