New Avengers 2 TV Spot Has A Much Lighter Tone

The Avengers 2 (otherwise known as Age of Ultron) has been pounding us with teasers, trailers and TV spots for a while now and they’ve all bee pretty similar in that they’ve had a very dark, gloomy tone.  I’ve loved it.  In my opinion, the key to a really good Superhero movie is to make it seem important, and make the villain and situation as dire as possible.  That being said, this new Avengers 2 TV spot takes a different direction.  It starts off with some humor from Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark and proceeds to reveal each of the Avengers to us, one after the other, with a little catchphrase or action sequence from each.  Chris Evans’ Captain America is typically American, Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is overly serious.  It’s all there.

The trailer has all of the humor, and also seems to play things into a much more positive, confident light, without all of the ‘the world is DEFINITELY going to end’ talk.  Ultron makes a brief appearance, but somehow his threats don’t seem so dire when backed with some uplifting music and sandwiched between a couple of wise cracks from our heroes.  There’s a market for that kind of fun vibe too, and one assumes that they’re trying to mix it up with their trailers to ensure they catch everything.

No new questions are really raised here, and there wasn’t anything added in terms of Paul Bettany’s Vision, who we saw in the last trailer.  Perhaps the most interesting segment came in the form of Iron Man’s little quip about Captain America being the boss, despite him providing more, as while it sounds humorous it does become a little more ominous when you consider that we know the two are set to become temporary enemies in Captain America: Civil War.  How much of that story line they will set up during The Avengers 2  remains to be seen, but I’d imagine there will be plenty of groundwork laid for Civil War, and the other future Marvel films.

Take a look at the trailer above, perhaps the last big one before The Avengers 2 hits theaters on May 1st.

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