Must See Movies You’ve Never Seen: “Kill List”

Time for another entry into the Must See Movies list, where we try and give you some suggestions on some movies you may not necessarily have seen or heard of, but certainly should.

Kill List (2011)

Kill List Must See Movies







So, this movie actually came out some time ago, but it didn’t hit the USA until relatively recently.  I saw a trailer for it (see below) and I was immediately desperate to see the film, but had to wait until it’s DVD release over here.  The trailer presents a dark, evil atmosphere with what seems to be a gritty realism, and I was draw to it straight away, as I always am when I see something that suggests a movie may actually manage to be relatively frightening.

So Kill List revolves around a pair of hit men, who seem to be living normal lives, but obviously have a much darker past.  The film is certainly strange, and for the most part very mysterious in what it presents to the viewer.  The plot unfolds slowly, and methodically, but there is always just enough little developments to keep you engaged and guessing.  The evil is always there as well, like a cloud floating over the film.  Even in it’s rare lighter moments, you always sense it, and this is something that is truly rare in the modern world of horror film making.  For that I commend the director, and the acting talent on show in the film.

Speaking of the acting, it truly is fantastic, with all parties putting on their respective characters with amazing intensity.  Although the film is a horror/thriller, in my opinion, it’s true strength and finest moments are its interaction between it’s characters in the most human and real life areas of drama.  That’s what really makes this one of our must see movies.  We see a struggling marriage, which is unraveling brutally, including one of the most well done, disgustingly awkward and unsettling dinner table conversations I’ve ever seen.  We see a friendship which is complex, and difficult to read.  We see characters who certainly have more sides to them than we initially know, and their intricacies are presented at just the right moments.  To me, while the “real” scares are effective also, this aspect of the film is enough to make it worthwhile in itself.

I highly recommend this one folks.  While it’s conclusion may lead to some controversial points of view with regards to the film, no matter what you think of that, be sure to just enjoy the film in the moment as you watch it.  If you’re able to do that, and you enjoy true scares in the form of powerful acting, creepy unsettling atmosphere and realism, you will love this British gem.

Check out the trailer!  Keep an eye out for our next must see movies.

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