Movie Releases Of The Week: ‘To The Wonder’

In a week that is unfortunately a little thin on strong new movie releases, there are a couple films that might be worth throwing in your hard earned $10 to go see.

To The Wonder

To The Wonder Film

The first of our movie releases this week is the latest effort from Terrence Malick, who’s last film, ‘Tree Of Life’ was critically acclaimed and garnered 3 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.  ‘To The Wonder’ appears to be in a similar vein, touching on themes of human interaction, relationships, love and sin, and presenting these themes in a very visual and sensual way which is veru unique but also quite polarizing to it’s viewers.

‘To The Wonder’ has a strong cast, featuring Ben Affleck, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams and Javier Bardem.  The stories details are sketchy, but the thing about a Terrence Malick film is that they probably won’t be any less sketchy after you’ve actually seen the film.  Sometimes that is alright though, as long as the journey is an enjoyable one.  The film centers on Affleck and Kurylenko’s faltering relationship, and how each is lead to connect with somebody else.  Affleck’s character reconnects with a woman he used to know in his old hometown, while Kurylenko meets a priest, played by Bardem, who has faced many of the same challenges as she has.

The film is sure to be filled with metaphors, stunning visuals and likely limited dialogue.  This is a style that is certainly going to rub many the wrong way, highlighted by the fact that Malick’s films have been known to spark a combination of boos and cheers at each of their film festival releases.  What I respect about the man as a director, is that he does not let this alter his desired method of making movies, and he allows his passion and vision to direct him.  If this leads him to create a film that is lacking some narrative structure easily detectable to the naked eye, then sure, it is your right to dislike it.  Some, however, my find this refreshing, and quite often beautiful in it’s delivery.

Here is the trailer if you haven’t seen it.


This is a little film starring Jason Bateman, that I am really excited about.  It is a ‘Crash’ style ensemble drama, but the twist here is that it revolves around the world of the online digital landscape we live in and the dangers that come along with it.  We see examples of social media turning into ‘Catfish’ style deceptions, financial frauds, and online matchmaking gone wrong and clearly this film is going to be one that does not give us much to smile about.  Personally, that’s just how I like it.  I won’t get into too much more detail, as I’ve already written up a preview of ‘Disconnect’ previously, so for more details and a trailer check that out!


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