Movie Releases of the Week: ‘The Company You Keep’ And More…

The Company You Keep

This week, we have three films to highlight that will be hitting our screens.  We will only be covering one in detail, as we have covered two already in the past few days.

The Company You Keep

The first release this week, that may be worth of your hard earned $10-$12 is ‘The Company You Keep’ which marks the return of Robert Redford to the big screen after being absent for around 5 years.  The film revolves around Redford’s character, who is living a normal life until a young journalist, played by Shia LaBeouf, discovers that he is actually living under a false identity.  His real identity is that of a former Weather Underground activist from over 30 years prior.

For those who don’t know, the Weather Underground was a left winged radical group who had issue with various actions of the US government, for instance, the Vietnam War, and who eventually became violent with their protests including riots and bombings.

History lesson aside, the film has what can only be described as a monster ensemble cast, that on paper, appears to be one of the finest in recent memory.  In fact the list of award winning and award nominated actors is so long, that it doesn’t even fit on the first page of the IMDB movie description.

I feel it necessary to list them off, so joining Redford and LaBeouf are Julie Christie, Sam Elliot, Brendan Gleeson, Terrence Howard, Richard Jenkins, Anna Kendrick, Stanley Tucci, Nick Nolte, Chris Cooper, and not to be forgotten, Susan Sarandon, who plays an ex Weather member recently arrested.  Some early criticisms of the film are that it is not exciting and lacks tension, and whether this is true or not, we are certain to see some great acting.

What I take from the trailer is that the story will not be all that it seems, with the line between innocence and guilt being one that is blurred.  I also anticipate that we will see Shia LaBeouf’s character caught in some moral dilemmas of his own as he begins to sense that Redford’s character may not be guilty, and will also feel guilt in the fact that he exposed him.  However, this is all speculation and we will see when the film is released on April 5th.  Here is the trailer for those who haven’t seen it.

Evil Dead

Also hitting the big screens this week is the highly anticipated and HIGHLY touted remake of the horror classic, which has been linked with claims of being the ‘most terrifying movie ever.

The film’s red band trailer looks absolutely disgusting quite frankly, and is sure to have gratuitous amounts of violence.  BUCKETS of blood.  But it also looked pretty damn creepy.  Check out our Evil Dead feature here where we look at the reasons that the Evil Dead remake will or will not be the scariest movie ever.

The film is also out April 5th.


Another movie we have been monitoring closely is Danny Boyle’s latest psychological thriller, ‘Trance,’ which stars James McAvoy and Rosario Dawson.  The film looks like quite the mind bender, where we anticipate that the main characters mental confusion and psychological difficulties will be conveyed to the audience by making us equally as confused and distorted.  Similar to a ‘Black Swan’ perhaps?

Here is our preview of the film Trance from last week, trailer included.  Another April 5th release.


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