Movie Melt’s Top 10 Halloween Movies Ever

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The Top 10 Halloween Movies Ever

Well horror fans, the scary season is upon us and now is the time of year that we like to sit down in the dark and let filmmakers scare us silly, or try to at least.  The thing is, I believe that there is a difference between a horror movie and a HALLOWEEN movie.  Movies specifically perfect for Halloween have a different vibe to them sometimes.  They’re designed to be watched this time of year.  They are often more fun than your average horror film.  Or they’re always released around Halloween.

So, with that being said, Movie Melt presents our Top 10 Halloween Movies Ever.

10. Scream (1996)

halloween movies

A modern classic and the film that really kicked off the teenage slasher genre, this is a movie that should be watched with your friends.  Starring Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox, the film is funny, scary and entertaining throughout all of it’s crazy twists and turns.  Not to mention the fact that the now iconic Scream Mask is a staple of teenage costumes every year.

9. An American Werewolf In London (1981)

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One of my personal favorites, the dark humor and creepy atmosphere are what make this one a perfect film to watch on a quiet October night.  The film contains a lot of memorable scenes, including a crazy werewolf transformation that is always much discussed.

8. Sleepy Hollow (1999)

sleepy hollow

Johnny Depp stars in this super fun Tim Burton take on the headless horseman legend.  Depp stars as Ichabod Crane, who is sent to the town of Sleep Hollow to investigate after deaths and disappearances begin.  This is a film that does have plenty of scares, and heads roll aplenty, but most importantly it is just good old fashioned Halloween fun.  Tim Burton does his thing, and you’ll have a blast watching this film.

7. Trick R Treat (2006)


Now here is a film that doesn’t get talked about much, but it was tailored specifically for Halloween.  A horror anthology, the has four intertwined horror tales, that all take place in the same town.  As the tales unfold, we see that each has a slightly different tone to it, but each is equally entertaining.  The film is scary, creepy, entertaining and even hilarious at times.  It’s also full of a lot of nasty little twists that made it a personal favorite of mine.

6. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

nightmare before

Really, this film could be a lot higher, but the fact that many consider it to be a Christmas film means I’ve dropped it down a bit.  But it is set in ‘Halloweentown’ and therefore it makes my list.  Deal with it.  The film is Tim Burton’s stop motion animated masterpiece, and it still holds up to this day.  With some dark humor, original ideas and great musical numbers, this is a Halloween film for the family to enjoy.

5. Fright Night (1985)


Recently remade, Fright Night is another classic, that is a fun but scary movie for a group of friends, especially teenagers, to enjoy.  Despite being older, it holds up really well, and is still just as funny and creepy as it was back in 1985.  The remake is good too (with Colin Farrell) but I’d recommend you check this one out first!  Good old fashioned Halloween fun.

4. A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)


The film that introduced horror icon, Freddy Kruger and his clawed hand, this gem has spawned countless sequels and even a remake.  While the premise seems a bit silly, and there is a cheesy aspect to the film, it still manages to be extremely creepy and has plenty of shock moments.  The desperation of the concept that if you go to sleep, you’ll die, makes this quite a movie and it is a must see for horror fans.

3. Saw (2004)


One of my favorite movie memories ever, is going to watch a movie called Saw that I had literally never heard of.  I went in on a whim, and when I came out I was sure that I’d seen my favorite horror movie ever.  Now, I’ve certainly settled down since then, but Saw still stands as one of the most entertaining and shocking horror movies to watch on Halloween.  Even the awful acting of Cary Elwes can’t ruin the twists and turns this movie takes, as well as the sadistic traps and situations our villain, Jigsaw puts his victims through.

2. The Evil Dead / Evil Dead 2 (1981 & 1987)

evil dead

The recent remake was pretty good, sure.  But nothing quite beats Bruce Campbell as classic hero Ash, as he takes on an evil force that is unleashed in an old cabin when an ancient book is opened.  Sam Raimi’s horror is predicated on some absolutely foul and disgusting special effects, but what many don’t realize is that the film is damn scary too.  The original is just plain menacing.  Granted, Evil Dead 2 took on a more campy, comedy approach to the same story, but it was equally entertaining and flat out great fun.

1. Halloween (1978)


I mean, how could this film not head up the list.  It is named after the season, and it certainly doesn’t do it any sort of injustice at all.  Horror legend John Carpenter directs and introduced us to the iconic Michael Myers, who has appeared in more films than any other horror character I can think of.  Jamie Lee Curtis stars as the young teenage girl who is stalked by the psychotic killer after his escape from an institution.  What ensues is horror in it’s purest form.  Pure evil is on show here, but the film is fun too, so get yourself comfortable this Halloween and be sure to watch this movie!

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