‘Maggie’ Trailer: Schwarzenegger And A Zombie Daughter

We’ve just got our first glimpse of the trailer for ‘Maggie,’ an upcoming post apocalyptic horror-drama starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a father whose daughter (Abigail Breslin) has been infected with a zombie style virus.  I’ll be honest, this is a movie that was not on my radar AT ALL.  I had no idea that it existed or was in development, but I have to tell you, it looks pretty damn intriguing.  Now, if you’d have told me that Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to star in a zombie film, I’d have assumed it was going to be a comedy-action movie where Arnie was just mowing through zombies with all kinds of immense weaponry, screaming his usual catchphrases.  From the looks of this trailer, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The plot, as I mentioned, involves a man named Wade, and his daughter Maggie, who has been infected with the same virus that is threatening the world.  There is mention of some kind of rule which dictates that once a certain time has passed, or a certain stage of the virus is reached, the subject has to go into quarantine, and I would assume ends up being killed by the military or government to protect the rest of humanity.  However, it looks like Wade made a promise to his wife, who is likely dead, to keep young Maggie safe, and the real drama of the film is likely to be Wade’s refusal to give up his daughter to the quarantine, and the ensuing struggle that will occur when they try to take her from him.

Now, this could certainly get very juicy because there’s all kinds of moral implications here.  Will Wade be willing to use violence against the ‘good guys’ in an attempt to keep his daughter with him, even though in reality she is likely to die anyway, and the best thing is for her to go to quarantine.  Will the love of a daughter come before logic and reason?  What will Maggie’s reaction be?  The trailer suggests that she at least seems to understand that she is doomed, and wants to convince her loving father.  There’s all that drama, and then of course there’s the possibility that if Wade hangs onto her, she goes all Evil Dead on his ass, and then things could get really ugly.

Who knows, maybe we’ll even get to see a zombie Schwarzenegger at some point?  That would be incredible.  Look out Rick Grimes.

Maggie hits theaters on May 22nd, 2015.  Right around the corner, and boy did this sneak up on us.

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