Mad Max Fury Road Trailer Shows No Mercy

Mad Max Fury Road is a movie that has been almost 25 years in the making.  Planned and written over the course of that time, the film just couldn’t find the light of day.  However, the new trailer of George Miller’s fourth film in his own epic franchise, shows us that it has finally become a reality.  Tom Hardy steps in to take the role of Max from Mel Gibson, with Charlize Theron also stepping into a leading role as a woman named Furiosa, who appears to be a good guy, with a dark past.

Tom Hardy is built for a role like this, as he can play the man of few words to great effect.  I don’t think he uttered a single word during the trailer, other than the intro narration, so the mystery of the character is sure to remain.  The trailer shows us some great desert scenery, some insane action and some really, really messed up looking wastelanders, which in turn means that the film will NOT be short on violence, blood and gore.  I can’t imagine what the filmmakers are going to do with the modern technology at their disposal, considering what they did in the original, but we have to hope that the 3D and CGI doesn’t ruin the visceral feeling that we got from the real life stunts that they were able to perform on a relatively tiny budget.

One of the big questions for this film is whether it would be a reboot, or a sequel.  Researching the topic, I learned that it is planned as a sequel, but will simultaneously reimagine many aspects of the Mad Max universe.  This is an interesting and fairly rare thing for a film maker to do, especially since he did the original trilogy, but let’s see how it turns out.  Mad Max Fury Road is set for release on May 15th, 2015!

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