Legal Battle Over Joseph Kahn’s Power Rangers Reboot

Veteran music video maker Joseph Kahn has brought together some well known names to create a retro-nerd’s dream, a reboot of Power Rangers but in a much, much darker form than we all remember.  James Van Der Beek plays Rocky, who has switched to the bad guys, and Katee Sackhoff plays Kimberly Hart, while the rest of the classic roles are filled in my less known names.  The film is insane, and imagines a world where machines have taken over, and the Power Rangers are a thing of the past.  What’s left of them is a bunch of messed up former heroes, whose lives are falling apart.  The action is incredibly bloody, the language is bad and there are naked ladies.  Not exactly what we remember from our childhoods.

We’ve posted the SFW (Safe for work) Youtube version here, but the NSFW version was originally loaded on Vimeo, and this is the version you’re going to want to watch.  However, Saban currently owns the rights to Power Rangers, and have demanded that Vimeo take the video down, which has sparked an angry Twitter speech from Joseph Kahn.  I’m sure that Saban’s plans to bring out an official reboot of Power Rangers in 2016 has something to do with their displeasure, but Kahn makes the argument that he’s making no money from this, and doesn’t use any footage at all that isn’t his own.  A little trick though – the NSFW version of the Power Rangers Bootleg is still on it’s Facebook page, if you stream it within the page.  Go here to their Facebook page and scroll down until you find the video.  Get it while you can before they take it down.

The twitter tirade is here:

So it looks like the battle is on.  Joseph Kahn vs. Saban.  Let’s see what happens, but all I know is that this Power Rangers reboot is nuts.

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