Lars Von Trier Gets Graphic With ‘Nymphomaniac’


Lars Von Trier is, and has always been, one of the most controversial film makers in the world.  Known commercially in the US for some of his more recent efforts, Von Trier has never shied away from both violence and graphic sex.  Many of his Danish films are known for taking their sex scenes to the next level, by being ‘hardcore’ – essentially the actors and actresses were really doing it.  Why this is necessary, I’m not sure, but he believes it is art.  He brought this across the pond in Antichrist, where our first sights in the film are real, graphic sex between the stars while their child jumps out of a window to his death.  Yeah, I know.  His next film, ‘Melancholia’ was a little tamer (and a little better, if you ask me) but Lars will be taking it to new levels with his next film, ‘Nymphomaniac.’

In what will actually be a two part film, Von Trier is reuniting with the star of both ‘Antichrist’ and ‘Melancholia,’ Charlotte Gainsbourg, who is certainly not afraid of the graphic nature of the film.  In fact, it appears that she embraces it.  The film centers on her character, who is a nymphomaniac that has just received a brutal beating, and been left for dead.  After being rescued, she tells her stories to the man who saved her.  These stories, needless to say will be full of what is sure to basically make this film a flat out porn film.

The next thing that really makes this film interesting, and all the more controversial is the cast.  What you would expect to see, is a few of Von Trier’s usual suspects, which we have with Gainsbourg and also Willem Dafoe, mixed with some no names trying to get famous by having sex.  However, with ‘Nymphomaniac’ this is not the case.  Take a look at this lineup of actors and actresses who appear ready to bare all for Von Trier and his audience.

Uma Thurman, Shia LaBeouf, Stellan Skarsgård, Christian Slater and up and comer Jamie Bell are all on the docket and originally it was reported that they were all forced to agree to the terms that they would be ‘doing it’ for real on camera.  However, recent reports have suggested that this may not be the case, and that things may actually be even more disturbing.  Get this….

So instead of really showing our stars getting it on, apparently for those who won’t be taking part, body doubles will be used to film the sex scenes, and then the upper half of the actors bodies will be imposed onto the scene using computer effects.  So essentially we will be watching some random dudes lower body do it with a some other random woman’s lower body, while two photo shopped actors, who hopefully have similar skin tones to the porn stars underneath them, make fake sex faces.  This is quite possibly one of the weirdest pieces of movie news I’ve ever heard, and I only want to see it out of sheer curiosity into how ridiculous it will look.  I’m sorry Lars. but this is nuts.  (Somebody else’s nuts apparently!)

Perhaps even more disturbing is the strange over excitement for the project that Shia LaBeouf is showing.  Apparently his career isn’t moving along fast enough, or he is not having much luck with the ladies, but old Shia has been extremely vocal in expressing his desire to be a part of the project.  I’ve always thought he was a bit weird, and his personal life is well documented, but this creeps me out a little as well.

The first posters for the movie don’t pull too many punches themselves, as you can see if you do a little google search, with Gainsbourg preparing to do some unsavory things with two strapping young men.  Then there is the clever and slightly perverted use of punctuation on the films cover poster, which you can also see here.


Well, overall, we know Lars Von Trier likes this weird, so called ‘art’ and loved to show his viewers what no other movie will.  His Cannes ban for his statements suggesting he had some sort of respect for Adolph Hitler is a good indicator of where the mans head is at.  With that being said, who can’t wait to see ‘Nymphomaniac?’

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