Kingsman: The Secret Service Smashing Superbowl Trailer

Upcoming spy-action-thriller Kingsman will be dropping a short Superbowl trailer during the big game tonight, and it is quite a banger.  From what we can see, they’ve crammed every bit of action they could find in the previous efforts and squeezed it into a 30 second spot.

That is a technique that works pretty well, as this is one of the most explosive trailers you’ll see all year, and is sure to generate a lot of excitement for the film.  Within the small window we get a glimpse of veteran spy, played by Colin Firth, leading his misfit nephew (youngster Taron Egerton) through a number of dangerous scenarios.  The villain opposing the good guys is Samuel L. Jackson’s bling-bearing Valentine, who is likely hell bent on world domination of course.  The cast is filled out by the some of the usual suspects of British cinema, including Michael Caine and Mark Strong, but also includes a surprise role from Mark Hamill, who may have been pulled from the abyss by JJ Abrams resurrection of the Star Wars series.

Kingsman: The Secret service is based on the comic books by Mark Millar, who is also responsible for the likes of Kick-Ass and Wanted.  It has been directed by Matthew Vaughn who also directed Kick-Ass as well as X-Men: First Class.  The film will be released on February 13th.

kingsman secret service

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  1. I loved this film so much that the commercial trailers are the only ones I stop to watch..ha! Plus the super bowl is all about the commercials soooo.. 🙂 oh…but one thing. Taron Egerton isn’t Colin Firth’s nephew.. but his father was a Kingsman who worked with Firth’s character. 🙂

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