Kick Ass 2 Theatrical Trailer Kicks Some Ass

So the full theatrical trailer just dropped for ‘Kick Ass 2’ the sequel to 2010’s surprise hit, graphic novel adaptation, ‘Kick-Ass.’  Starring Aaron Taylor Johnson as the title character, and Chloe Grace Moretz as his partner in crime Hit Girl.  Check out the trailer here:

Looks to me like things will pick up right where they left off, but probably with a little more bang for your buck.  Now this is not always a good thing, but if they can find a balance then we should be fine.  There is never too much action, so if they add some big budget action then all the better.  Where these things can go sour is when a sequel to a great movie that was seamlessly funny, tries too hard to be funny again.  See Transformers 2 for example.  With Shia Labeouf on board the film that is an action adventure was actually hilarious at times.  Then in the sequel they just forced it too much and it was truly awful.  When I see Jim Carrey added to the cast, I fear that this could be the direction things are headed.  I love Jim though, so hopefully it works.

The grindhouse/comic book feel seems to be intact though, and Chloe Moretz is as bad-ass as ever as the foul mouthed, super violent Hit-Girl.  She was amazing in the first film and hopefully nothing changes here.  The highlights in the trailer were her straight calling out her partner Kick Ass for being a bitch, and her acrobatic moves on top of a movie van, trying to rescue her partner.

Then off course, oddball Christopher Mintz-Plasse plays ‘The Mother F****r,’ the films villain, who is also hilarious in the first movie.  He shouldn’t have any problem filling his own shoes, since he is as ridiculous off set as he is on it and I have to say in the nicest possible way that the dude just LOOKS funny.

‘Kick Ass 2’ will be hitting our screens in mid-August.

Kick Ass 2


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