jupiter ascending channing tatum

‘Jupiter Ascending’ Trailer – From The Creators of The Matrix

jupiter ascending channing tatum

The creators of The Matrix, The Wachowskis, have had mixed success since they hit it big with their blockbuster Matrix Trilogy.  Their bizarre and in my opinion, nearly unwatchable ‘Speed Racer’ wasn’t received very well, while their unique sci-fi epic based on a previous novel, ‘Cloud Atlas’ had a little more mixed success.  Their latest effort ‘Jupiter Ascending’ was written, produced and directed by themselves, and looks to have the potential to be what they hope is a new franchise for them.

Check out the trailer, and then read on for more details:

The film stars Mila Kunis as a lowly janitor with a massive intergalactic destiny that she is completely unaware of, and Channing Tatum as the space warrior sent down to kill her by the ‘Queen of the Universe.’  Of course, Channing doesn’t follow the rules, and from what we can see, takes the side of Jupiter in helping he realize her destiny.

Now, I, along with my of you I assume, loved The Matrix and generally enjoyed the two films that followed it in the trilogy.  That was a gritty effort, that presented some wonderful sci-fi concepts in a realistic and moody way.  What I see from this trailer leans a little bit more toward the young adult/teenage crowd, and the casting of Channing Tatum certainly leans towards this theory also.  I’m also catching a slightly more British, noble type of accent from Tatum in here, and if that’s the case I fear that I simply won’t be able to sit through the thing.

That being said, I love Mila Kunis, Sean Bean and even Tatum in the right element (I’m beginning to like the guy after initially having difficulty watching him at all).  The action appears to be intense and massive in scale and there will be no doubt that the budget won’t be small for this one.  The question is can the plot have enough complexity and intrigue to make it their next Matrix Trilogy.  ‘Jupiter Ascending’ is exciting, but unfortunately I hold a small amount of skepticism that it will be great.

We’ll find out, when Jupiter Ascending is released in the Summer of 2014.


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