John Wick Sequel

John Wick Sequel Coming? We’ve Got Mixed Feelings

Apparently, surprise 2014 hit John Wick already has a sequel on the way, and we don’t know if we like that.  The news came out of, who sat down with the directors and got confirmation that they are trying to develop a sequel which may or may not include the first film’s star Keanu Reeves.  If they have their preference, it certainly will.

John Wick is a faced pace revenge thriller about a former hitman who gets back into the game to take on some Russian mobsters who killed his dog.  It’s all out action, and intriguing but mysterious back story made it a critical and commercial success.  The action elements, as fantastic as they were, can probably be emulating and improved upon, but it’s the character, charm and intrigue of this whole other world that will be difficult to repeat.  It’s no longer intriguing when you’ve seen it before, and if the sequel was to take the route of revealing more of it, it will be missing the point of what made the first one so great.  Mystery.

The film makers, Chad Stahelski and David Leitch seem to agree with at least part of the theme of what I’m saying.   They talked about how action won’t be enough without a hero that people will want to root for, which is what Reeves managed to give this film.  When it comes to sequels of unexpected hits, I am always very skeptical.  There was a reason that a film was an unexpected big hit, and that is because people didn’t expect it to be good.  There’s a chance that this was for a good reason.  Now, flip the script and add high expectations, but lose the surprise and mystery factor, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

All that being said, John Wick was freaking incredible as you can tell from my review here.  So let’s hope that if they do decide to take development further and really do this thing, that they do a really good job.  Check out the trailer for last year’s surprise action hit, in case you haven’t seen it.


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  1. I am so not their demographic and I LOVED the movie. It was fun, fast and good. Just shows what can happen when something like this really works. Now if they get that formula right again..I’m in.. No Keanu..not in. 🙂

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