iron man 3 movie review

‘Iron Man 3’ Review

‘Iron Man 3’ Movie Review

So Iron Man has always been my personal favorite when it comes to superheroes.  I’m also a huge Robert Downey Jr. fan so when the original Iron Man movie came out, and he was cast as Tony Stark, I knew that I’d love it.  And love it I did.  Then, I loved Iron Man 2 as well.  The Avengers was fantastic.  Iron Man 3 had to be good right?

Here is where you think that I’m setting you up for the shocking twist, that it was in fact bad.  Nope.  Of course it wasn’t bad.  But was it really, really good?  Well, let’s see….


So with the events of the Avengers behind him, Tony Stark is still recovering and is struggling with anxiety and the mental distress caused by his ordeal with the cross dimensional ‘wormhole.’  He is also struggling in his relationship with Pepper.  When some old characters from his past resurface themselves, at the same time that a terrorist named ‘The Mandarin’ is wreaking havoc all over the world, Tony must fight to save those around him, and his sanity.


So when the third and final film rolls around in such a large, action franchise, one usually expects to see the stakes rise.  The Iron Man franchise has always been one of the funnier of the Marvel sets, due to Downey Jr. being extremely funny and the sarcastic nature of Tony Stark.  However, I was anticipating things to get a little darker and a little more serious here, with the big finale.  I was envisioning the Dark Knight Rises of Iron Man.  Turns out this just wasn’t the case.  If anything, the film injected even more humor into the proceedings.

I have to admit, this caught me off guard at first. If you would have told me that before hand, I’d have been afraid that I’d actually have to do a bad Iron Man 3 movie review on my own website.  I knew the first 15 minutes or so would be all jokes and set up, but what I didn’t realize was that even during the most intense and emotional moments, they would inject some Tony Stark humor into the dialogue.  Now, I am a big fan of things being high stakes and a dark atmosphere, so this could have potentially been a problem for me.  In a way I guess it was, but the thing is this.  While I didn’t necessarily welcome all of the humor…. it was always genuinely hilarious.  I wanted to see a real serious piece of emotion, and boom, I’d get a joke.  I couldn’t be upset though, because I was too busy laughing.  This wasn’t like the horrible, forced, slapstick humor that Michael Bay tried to cram down our throats in Transformers 2.  It was great stuff.

That being said, let’s talk about the plot.  It was alright.  I’ve seen better though.  It didn’t carry much complexity at all.  For the most part it was pretty predictable, and followed a standard superhero movie formula.  Now, that’s ok, because it’s a proven formula for a reason.  But I guess I would have liked something a little more clever, with some twists and turns.  I won’t say there are no twists at all, and there may even be some that you won’t see coming.  These would be FANTASTIC reviewing material and probably some of the most opinion orientated aspects of the whole movie, but unfortunately this review is SPOILER FREE!

iron man 3 review
Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin

My other issue with the plot is that there were hints of a lot of things.  Pepper and Tony being on the rocks.  Tony’s anxiety issues.  But with some much action crammed in, they didn’t get developed with quite as much screen time as one would like.  But it was just enough to make me buy them.

In terms of the acting, as always Downey Jr. was fantastic.  Ben Kingsley is a great bad guy.  Guy Pearce is a great bad guy too.  The supporting cast was also great also, with the only exception in my opinion, being Rebecca Hall (The Town) who just didn’t do much with her part.  Although her character was also very poorly and quickly added to the mix so she didn’t have much chance.

Ok.  So there’s all my little criticisms and comments about all the stupid stuff.  Let’s get down to business.  Was the movie awesome as hell, and did the action blow me away?  Well, it was pretty damn good.  I saw the film in 3D and it was absolutely amazing.  The effects we FLAWLESS.  The highlights were the destruction of the Stark mansion (not a spoiler, you see it in the trailer!) and a scene involving a plane, flying bodies and some water.  Any time you have special effects around water, for some reason things just don’t look good.  Like the water calls out the fake stuff.  Not here.  This stuff was creative, thrilling, fast, loud.  There were a lot of explosions, perfect physics and a lot of great set pieces.  Probably my favorite of all the Marvel films in terms of on screen action.  Even better than The Avengers I thought.  Too many cartoon looking aliens.


So the action was fantastic, and it got better and better.  From that standpoint, I couldn’t ask for more to end the trilogy.  However, in terms of complete closure, similar to what I felt at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, I just didn’t feel it at first.  Not because the movie didn’t do it.  I just don’t think I ever hated the bad guys enough or felt the stakes were high enough. But perhaps it didn’t want or need to do these things.  Looking back at the other two films, this franchise was never about that massive emotional scale, or the life spanning character study that Bruce Wayne got from Nolan.  This was just a damn fun, enjoyable, funny thrill ride of a trilogy.  I was trying to make it something that it wasn’t, even though I already loved what it was.

My bad.  Don’t over think it. Go see the film.  In 3D.  It’s a great time.

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Movie Melt Score - 8


Another great Marvel movie, Iron Man 3 is exciting, funny and has a fair few twists and turns. It's only real flaw is the strange inability to blend its changing tone into a whole that we can take completely seriously. All in all, a great entry into the Marvel universe though.

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